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Disclosures: Budget Management ResourceCamp
- Cinzia's inspirational Personal Balance Sheet The Personal is Economical
And our Resource Management Guidlines

03-05 December

CP attends Critical Malfunction at Alternative in Gdansk
Our preoccupation with value begins to emerge. This tracks with broader trends. It seems the 'age of austerity' has got us all thinking about the value of things. Marsha is also becoming interested in the ways in which labours/practices are differently valued, the interplay and hierarchy of emotional labour and intellectual labour, etc.

07-09 December

There is more talk about the value of art: What it is? Where does it reside? Kuba starts talking more explicitly about value; Valeria Graziano of Carrot Workers Collective talks about 'value markers'...these are things that convey value, so help us to recognise value

15 January

Kuba and Marsha meet with Artur Zmijewski to discuss CP's practice in relation to his curation of Berlin Biennial in the summer of 2012 (BB7) He's in town for Art: What is the Use?.

Early 2011

We establish Art and Value working group, and begin developing a proposal for BB7 proposal. This is preoccupied with the 'the results' of art. But it seems that 'effects' is closer to how Zmijewski is thinking about this in Polish.


CP develops the Market of Values proposal, which is rejected by the BB7 curatorial team... (thinking about a shift from value to evaluation)

11 July

Free Slow University of Warsaw Research Camp 'Without Money' - Marsha and Kuba develop Critical Economic Practice for BB7 or CEP for short. The proposal is approved by the Biennale but never realized.


Kuba and Free / Slow University of Warsaw organizes conference Labour of the multutudes? Political Economy of Social Creativity. By now Carrotworkers Collective has been superceded by Precarious Workers Brigade and they contribute a paper on Free labour syndrome: Volunteer work or unpaid overtime in the creative and cultural sector.


CP organizes ValueCamp at RCA to refresh our notions of value, the idea of walks results from this event (I do not know where the link to VC is on CP wiki, so use Neil's www)


Kuba and PPRG organize another seminar From Commons to Communomics: Resisting Privatization in which Neil and Open Music Archive participate


CP develops The Market of Values - a proposal for the Industrial Festival 2013, organized by HMKV in Dortmund proposal flops, because of lack of time to complete European Union bid

8 September

Walk 1: "The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values"


CP organizes P2P Exchange in Graz at the festival Truth is Concrete

23 - 25 November

HEDGE - Walking, Talking, Value, Geography and Social Organisation

December 2012

Marsha and Kuba write the Berlin Wire, account of the negotiations with BB7, published in Art Leaks Gazette #1

16 February

Walk 2: WASTE


PPRG organizes together with Nottingham Contemporary Questions of Value with Dave Beech and Toni Prug


Workshop with Folke Koebberling One Persons Trash is anothers Treasure


Kuba curates Virtual Economic Zone in Gdańsk

22 October

CP meets with Hans Abbing to talk about Evaluation

25 November

Organisational Workshop

4 December

Strategic Planning and Content

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This is a partial timeline of our research through value to evaluation

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