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Working Group Coordinators: Marsha Bradfield and Kuba Szreder
Working Group: Metod Blejec, Sharon Bennett, Cinzia Cremona, Karem Ibrahim, Neil

Please find our proposal for the Market of Values here
and further questions for consideration posted here Questions further to the Market

- We will start with asking ourselves some questions to develop an Art/Value proposal.

Proposed activities:

- research alternative modes of economic redistribution to support networked cultural production (map apparatuses of cultural production in regard to extraction of value / rent in art market, creative industries, knowledge economy, gentrification and real estate speculation)

- answer to invite by Artur Zmijewski to think about "results of art" in relation to Berlin Biennale - We're articulating the question: "What is the use/effect of art?".

- discuss the situation in Berlin (Kuba'll be happy to share his knowledge / make a short intro)

- read & discuss texts (David Harvey, Matteo Pasquinelli, Julian Stallabrass, Sharon Zukin, Pierre Bourdieu)

- screen Neil's movie Museum Futures to give us inspiration of "mash up markets"

Additional Resources

- seminar Sabotage of Rent with the comprehensive download section and with audio files from seminars

- reading group of 16th Beaver Art, criticism and its Market, with quite a lot of useful links and resources online

- History of Money - for dummies (like us ; ) )

- the manifesto Applied Social Arts by Artur Żmijewski - quite important for understanding terms like "results", "metaphor", "efficiency", as he is using them in his invitation

- collective Temporary Services has published magazine Art and Work, on issues related to art, labour and economy

- Tramway in Glasgow has produced a podcast following Artur Żmijewski's recent exhibition of his work "Democracies" in Tramway 5, Oct - Dec 2010 [1] Curators Lesley Young and James Hutchison discuss Artur Zmijewski's work Democracies, their relationship to the artist, his developing practise and ponder audiences reactions to the work. Democracies features 19 videos of mass public gatherings, riots and protests shown simultaneously in Tramway's street-facing gallery T5.

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March 3, 2011, Research Base Room 2:30


Mach 29, 2011, Royal Festival Hall 5:30 - 9:00


1. Review the Invitation.

  • What is it we're being asked to produce?

2. Pragmatics:

  • How are we approaching the invite by Artur Zmijewski?
  • How are we understanding it as a text?
  • How will we organize the production of our text? Can we construct come kind of timeline?
  • Reflexivity: Will value/use/effect acrete through the production of this text and if so, to what ends?
  • How will value/use/effect be extracted from this text?
  • Whose value/use/effect will be expropriated in the production of this text?
  • What is the value/use/effect of producing this text for CP? How do we imagine it feeding into other aspects of our individual/shared research?

3. Building a Context for the Research: Extracting Value from Resources

  • Towards a definition or definitions of "value": Suggestions are being aggregated on Working Notes for Art/Value Working Group page.
  • There's also the difference between "use," "effect" and "value"? How are we differentiating these terms?

Exploratory Questions for C.E.P.

Artur's answer to C.E.P Questions