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IMG 0813.jpg
The researchers assemble at the entrance to the bunker on Csepel Island, an industrial district in Budapest that once employed 20,000 people.
IMG 0817.jpg
Paddle signs found in the in bunker.
IMG 0826.jpg
Our extraordinary tour guide. He spoke with both his lips and hands. The walls of this bunker were 80cms thick. Bombing of this areas was started in 1941. The factory made planes and was originally own by a Jewish industrialist, who agreed to make planes for Germany in exchange for safe passage of his family to the US.
IMG 0863.jpg
A bunker within a bunker - various books.
IMG 0828.jpg
One of the things that makes this bunker so special is that it brings together disaster graphics from several eras.
IMG 0829.jpg
A detail of the disaster graphics.
IMG 0835.jpg
The toilet.
IMG 0866.jpg
Light bulbs and mystery supplies.
IMG 0837.jpg
Standard lighting.
IMG 0840.jpg
Pilfered supplies
IMG 0848.jpg
IMG 0858.jpg
To the second level.
IMG 0860.jpg
The legacy of labour. IMG 0875.jpg
Peeling paint.

IMG 0895.jpg
The modernized and privitalised factory on Csepel Island - produces and reconditions heavy machinery
IMG 0882.jpg
IMG 0881.jpg
IMG 0883.jpg
IMG 0884.jpg
IMG 0885.jpg
IMG 0886.jpg
IMG 0889.jpg

IMG 0902.jpg
The workers' canteen on Csepel Island.
IMG 0899.jpg
My lunch - fish (roe) soup.
IMG 0900.jpg

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IMG 1145.jpg
The research wing of the The Academy of Arts, Budapest
IMG 0926.jpg
Entrance to The Academy of Arts, Budapest
IMG 0909.jpg
The spread at our "Business Breakfast"
IMG 0925.jpg
The bulletin board at the entrance to the art school.

IMG 0952.jpg
With privatization comes security - the logo of a security firm.
IMG 0802.jpg
More security
IMG 0803.jpg
IMG 0997.jpg
More capitalism
IMG 0956.jpg
IMG 0958.jpg
Displacement and homelessness
IMG 0904.jpg
Cold War charm
IMG 0905.jpg
Cold War cool
IMG 0908.jpg
Churchill in translation
IMG 0950.jpg
The central market in Budapest
IMG 0931.jpg
The central aisle of the central market. IMG 0944.jpg
Homemade signage
IMG 0947.jpg
Discarded veggies.
IMG 0948.jpg
Window service.
IMG 1016.jpg
IMG 1078.jpg
Heroes Square
IMG 1070.jpg
The National Gallery
IMG 1119.jpg
One of the world's most beautiful coffee shops IMG 0967.jpg

Inside one of the world's most beautiful coffee shops