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Preparation for Ecoes

Networks_of_Design_2008-01.jpg Michaela editing footage of Cinzia

On the Train to Networks of Design

Michaela and Corrado Networks_of_Design_2008-02.jpg

Networks_of_Design_2008-06.jpg Jem

Michaela and Corrado Networks_of_Design_2008-05.jpg

Networks_of_Design_2008-07.jpg Michaela, Cinzia and Corrado

At Networks of Design, University College Falmouth

Networks_of_Design_2008-23.jpg Signage for NOD at University College Falmouth

Installation view of the Ecoes interactive DVD in the emailing room Networks_of_Design_2008-09.jpg

Networks_of_Design_2008-10.jpg Bruno Latour after his address

NOD_Cin_Latour_09_08.jpg Cinzia inviting Bruno Latour to the Ecoes forum

Corrado, Cinzia, Jem and Michaela after the Ecoes forum Networks_of_Design_2008-18.jpg

Networks_of_Design_2008-22.jpg Marsha, Cinzia and Michaela relaxing at the reception

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