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Economy of Emotions: a Market of Ideas resource

This resource takes it's cue from Bruno Latour's succinct definition of self-reflection, as a movement between the individual and the collective.

The stall itself functioned as a thought experiment of sorts and required all involved to invest in a momentary personal relationship.

Asked to select their favourite TV advertisement, participants were invited to explore and how it might make them feel.

Using Telly Ads to access a range of examples, the participant could watch the advert again and tease out key words connected to the emotions, feelings, needs, desires and ideas it evoked.

The thought experiment consists in ‘converting’ these emotions from needs waiting to be fulfilled (passive) into a form of capital for 'you' to invest into productive activities (active).

As a possible strategy to help the shift, this might be a useful question: "Buying something that makes you feel this way is one possibility (and there is nothing wrong with it!). But how else could you feel this way? Since you have this emotion that you desire to feel, how else could you INVEST it?" A bow given to the participant as a symbolic object might represent or embody these emotions, and help them to focus on the idea that my emotions are mine and I can make use of them.

This stall took its inspiration from Positive Psychology, counselling and life coaching, and drew from Cinzia Cremona's training and 19 long year experience in Mental Health.

Thanks to Davina Drummond for assistance running the stall and generously contributing her unique understanding and experience.

If you think this model can be usefully applied elsewhere, please do adopt it and let Cinzia know!

Cinzia's favourite ad.

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