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Draft letter of invitation

Critical Practice Chelsea College of Art and Design 16 John Islip Street London SW1P 4JU

Dear *****************

I’m writing to you on behalf of the research cluster, ‘Critical Practice’, a collaboration of artists, researchers, academics and others, based at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.

On the weekend of 15-16th March this year we will be hosting ‘How to Make Europe Dream? A Cultural Congress’ as part of this year's London Festival of Europe. Under the heading of the question: 'What has economics got to do with culture?' Critical Practice will recast the competitive market as a distributive market of ideas in which real 'stalls' are staffed by economists of different persuasions setting out their wares, provoking we hope, an exchange of knowledge about economic mechanisms. The ‘market’ event will be supplemented with a facility for people to share their experience of the stalls.

We wondered if you would care to participate in this Congress and share your considerable expertise in a productively informal setting, by manning a 'Stall' that would enable you to present your ideas / position in any way that was commensurate with the market setting. Each 'Stall' has a budget of £200 with the condition that it must also produce a 'resource' licensed to the public domain.

I very much hope you can take part – and perhaps you would like to let us know which day and time is good for you if so. Please don’t hesitate to call if you need further information.

Best wishes ***************** (add phone number?) On behalf of Critical Practice

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