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What is cultural about economics?

Markets are good at convening and distributing resources. Based on the model of the ancient bazaar, Critical Practice convened a Market of Ideas in which 'stalls' staffed by artists, anthropologists, economists and others exchanged their knowledge with the milling crowd.

The market was convened to embody peer-2-peer exchange, the distribution of knowledge, and the building of communal resources.
Read our cultural interpretation of Bruno Latour's Traceability

Critical Practice's reflections on the Market and the Congress are here.

The Stalls

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  1. Bilawal Bhutto - in collaboration with Henry Proctor
  2. Waste Proposal Unit
  3. Market Cafe - a collaboration between Marsha and Mary Anne
  4. Debt - with David Graeber
  5. Economy of emotions - with Davina Drummond
  6. The Market of Ideas: a currency?
  7. Permacouture - with Katelyn Toth-Fejel
  8. Well-being
  9. Ecoes - a collaboration between Marsha Bradfield and Jem Mackay [1]
  10. Thievery
  11. A Barber
  12. Economics Through Imagery - An Associative Approach
  13. Corporation.comm -The perverse pleasure of mixing community and business.
  14. Economies of consensus and information - with Mike Reddin

Interested (and Interesting) Parties Unable to Participate
Miriam Kennet and Volker Heinemann of the Green Economics Institute were to discuss Basic Income
Larry Lohmann et al of The Cornerhouse
Kevin Smith of Carbon Trade Watch
Dr. Yuval Millo
Professor Donald MacKenzie
Alex Wilkie and Researchers from Goldsmiths
Citizen's Income Trust
Philanthropy Capital

A wish list of possible particpants and draft letter of invitation

• Person from nef's 'Centre for Global Interdependence' that has ideas about food waste - MA has contacted / will chase

• Evan Davis (BBC Economics Editor)

• Stephanie Flanders (Newsnight's Economics Editor)

• Tim Jackson - Professor of Sustainability, University of Surrey

Nick Baylis

• an Actor Network Theorist (on the connection between economics and cultural producer)

• Someone from LETS

• Someone from the Treasury!

• A Green Party representative

• Someone from a Time Bank scheme

Some useful texts

Ideology and Economic Development by Michael A. Lebowitz is great overview of neoclassical economics and begins to describe some of opportunities to work against capital.

Resistance Is Surrender - Slavoj Žižek debates how and why the individual might take up these opportunities.

Both inform the Congress agenda to address the relevance of a cultural 'avant-garde'.

Each stall was allocated a budget of £200. As a way of limiting exclusion from the event and in keeping with current Aims each stall will produce a resource. A festival publication will be produced by the organisers of the festival and documentation will be available soon.

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14 Ideas each with a budget of £200.

FoE Market Budget: stall fees

Claimee Stall Date of claim Paid?
Joe Balfour Corporation.comm  ?  ?
David Graeber Debt  ?  ?
Rob Dingle £400 Thievery + Barber  ?  ?
Marsha Bradfield and Mary Anne Francis Market Cafe April 23, 2008 £200
Mike Knowlden £200 Waste Proposal Unit May 2nd 2008 n
Marsha Bradfield and Jem Mackay Ecoes Documentary April 22, 2008 £200
Miriam Kennet (£100) Basic Income  ? n
NEF (£100) Well-being  ? n
Cinzia Cremona and Davina Drummond Emotional Economy 16 April 2008 £200
Tom Trevatt Bhutto & Permacouture 21st March £400
Arthur Edwards Associative Economics March £200
CIT Basic Income 13th April £100
Trevor Giles Well-being 30.4.08 £100
Mike Reddin economies of consensus March £200
Total allocation: £2800
Total paid: £1200

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