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Katelyn Toth-Fejel has been involved in producing a series of vegetable dye prints for some time. Recently she developed a small portable cart with which to transport the printing press. On this cart she is able to print pre-designed prints onto paper and material. Her practice involves engaging the public in a dialogue around the printing of an image on their items of clothing they donate for the purpose. Toth-Fejel has designed a series of varying maps of London; each one takes a different focus as its source, such as the rivers of London. Through the process of exchange of goods Toth-Fejel also exchanges fictional narratives of the city, acting as a topographer and storyteller simultaneously, exchanging tangible items and intangible fictions.

For the Market of Ideas Toth-Fejel opened the printing press to the ‘milling crowd’, offering as alternative to the exchange of ideas, the creation of fictions and near-useless maps. Her work for the market, then, works against a straight factual interchange, favouring an almost mythical dialogue.

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