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All the conference proceedings will be published as an ebook, which will cary an ISBN. NoD also intends to publish a hardcopy version of selected papers. I would be great if Ecoes could be part of both projects.

Conference administrator Viv Minton has no doubt sent you details about the publication. The basics can be summarized as follows:

  1. Submissions should be 3000 words max
  2. The due date is September 30, 2008, which means we should goal for the 27th
  3. We need to proof our paper. Michaela...wink, wink?
  4. We'll use APA style rules
  5. We can include up to four images.
  6. We'll all, I think, need to sign publication release forms

How to proceed?

Marsha: I propose we draw from our strengths and write a dialogue modeled on our those of our friends Law and Callon. 'On Qualculation, Agency and Otherness' provides a useful example, complete with an easily adaptable structure: Introduction, discussion of focus, four-part dialogue and conclusion. We have fantastic fodder in our pre-presentation dialogues and position statements as well our forum stuff. My sense: this project is about reflecting on and consolidating what we already have in play.

The next question relates to theme. Thoughts, anyone?

Personally, I'm very interested in the old chestnut of 'making things public'. A good chunk of the discussion seemed related to the interaction of different constituencies. For example, Marc Garrett of Furtherfield took aim at Latour on the grounds that his keynote was talking to the wrong audience. Similarly, Latour took aim at 'Ecoes' because the project's aesthetics did not square with the sociologist's sense of what an 'aesthetics of a matters of concern' should look like. In a slightly different vein, Jan Koning described himself as a designer of public space. He talked about contemporary practice as a process of hyridizing production and consumption. Jeremy Meyerson seemed to be nipping at something similar when he described the tyranny of compulsive collaboration and openness the new economy. To address this problem, he called for more contemplative time and space in office culture. So there are lots of possibilities here. How to make things public in a way that's generative...that's not just about convening information...

What do you think?

Post-Conference Ecoes Publication Draft

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Marsha will review Latour's keynote address recently distributed by the conference administrator