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A thief will rob you blind

Having in the past dabbled in petty acts of thievery myself (mars bars, twix's and once even a crunchie!), I initialy began thinking about what role the thief could come to play within a market of ideas where knowledge is exchanged at an assembly of 'stalls'. I think we can say that ideas are as ripe for the steal as material goods, though it can be said that although slieves are perfectly well designed to conceal confectionary they are also just as well adjusted at hiding ideas.

Being made aware of the potential possibility of having something stolen from us seems to be a much more ubiquitious reality, entering into our subconscious, than the actuality of having something stolen from us. With this in mind I am proposing to install a number of 'anti theft' signs that will be attached to the existing architecture of the conference room, with ambiguous intent surrounding their purposefulness as objects specifically designed for the market. This idea leads me to think that an additional 'insurance' stall could be set up? Initially I thought it could operate as a hoax, a fake insurance stall (secretly run by a thief), by I think this becomes a little too performative? Why not a real insurance stall?

Regarding the 'Barber stall' I am having problems concerning what it will look like. My friend Dan can borrow everything he needs from work apart from the chair so maybe just a normal one will do? I was thinking it will probably have to be situated upon some sort of tarp to make cleaning up easier after each cutting. I was also thinking of setting up a waiting room with chairs and magazines etc. My only concern is that I am unsure if it will fit in with a flee market/jumble stall aesthetic that seems prevalent? Trevor made a good point whether how much the idea of 'the barber' is altered to suit the setting i.e. in the literature or chat.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions can you please let me know

Also regarding the Earthship Biotecture project I have emailed them a received no response, so I am planning to call them. Below is a link to their website.


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