Networked Creativity

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Understood here as the ways in which data circulates: how it's exchanged and, in the process, it's currency is transformed.

Distributed Creativity:

Distributed creativity means that artists and audiences alike are able to create and publish audiovisual content on their own terms with equitable access and control over networked resources, maximizing the users control over the language, style and form of expression. This gives rise to innovation that springs from open, playful collaboration between diverse national and specialist cultures and a cross fertilisation of critical thought and new ideas. A technologically facilitated extension of the Beuysian idea. source

Networked Creativity:

Refers to a dispersed or distributed creativity - often across networks, including the WWW. (see also distributed creativity). This creativity may be participatory or collaborative and it often involves both human and non-human actors (ANT).

Pro Surfer:

The phrase “pro surfer” originated with the founding in 2006 of Nasty Nets, an “internet surfing club” whose members were internet artists, offline artists, and web enthusiasts who were invited by the group’s co-founders (of which I [Marisa Olson] was one) to join them in posting to their website materials they had found online, many of which were then remixed or arranged into larger compositions or “lists” of images bearing commonality. Soon a number of group “surf blogs” appeared around the net, including Supercentral and Surfers, each of which share some number of common members, social bonds, or stylistic affinities. There are also a number of “indie surfers” making similar work.... source

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