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Working Group Coordinators: Neil, Metod Belejc
Working Group Members: Metod Belejc, Marsha, Neil, Kuba, Karem and Scott

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Day 1 initial contact and exchange
Day 2 walking tours of the sites
Day 3 a recap of where we are

Appendix 1 El Ranchito
Appendix 2 Matadero



El Ranchito is a cultural experiment launched by Matadero Madrid in collaboration with other artistic agents of the city. Built as a research project, it is conformed by three different areas: reflection, a residency programme and a public presentation.

El Ranchito works under the following parameters: collective production of meaning, transdisciplinary work, site-specific production, experimentation, community building, reflection from the context where one works, the up and coming, the importance of processes and with a focus on sustainable resources.

Through these axes and with a collective and open work process, El Ranchito aims to achieve the following objectives:

1) Facilitate dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience among local and international artistic agents.
2) Be a place of work, reflection, sharing and a meeting point for artistic agents of the city.
3) Use the institution as a sound board for non-commercial artists, creative projects and processes of the city of Madrid, experimenting with a collective and participatory methodology since the preparation of the project until its final phase.
4) Create links, through a project, between the various institutions involved in Matadero Madrid.

By achieving these objectives, El Ranchito wants to test the following hypothesis:
that opening up the creative process to the cultural local fabric supports the development of active subjects influencing on the restoration of social ties. These links, which are set from local to global, will reinforce Madrid’s contemporary creation, facilitating its internationalization.

El Ranchito has a vocation of cultural project with a certain recurrence and inspired in formats like those of International Art Meetings, which require a long-term development and continuity. The first phase of El Ranchito aims for growth and transformation, taking place from March 2010 to September 2011 with its epicentre in Matadero Madrid, but hoping to spread to other areas of town.

Hunt Proposal

Critical Practice is writing a proposal for a weekend in September/October 2011 of interactivity of cultural workers and Madrid's residents. For El Ranchito at the Matadero in Madrid, and in collaboration with Intermediae, we propose an Open Season – The Hunt.

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El Ranchito: Research 2. 8 -16 January 2011

Location: El Ranchito residence (flat) / Matadero, Madrid

Day 1 (8. 1. 2011):

Day 2 (9. 1. 2011)

Day 3 (10. 1. 2011):

Day 4 (11. 1. 2011):

Day 5 (12. 1. 2011):

Day 6 (13. 1. 2011):

Day 7 (14. 1. 2011):

Day 8 (15. 1. 2011):

Day 9 (16. 1. 2011):

CP in Madrid / Meeting Notes

When: 16th December at 6pm
Location: Marsha's apartment

We refined our series of workshops/barcamps/exercises for January, and had a Christmas party.

When: 23rd November at 6.15pm
Location: Green Room at Chelsea College of Art and Design

We planned a series of workshops/barcamps/exercises for January

CP in Madrid / January 2011 trip availability

Availability of CP members for January trip to Madrid
Dead line: 30. November 2010
El Ranchito's flat has been booked between Monday 10. and Sunday 16. January 2010. (Possible earlier date of departure may be Sunday 9. January. Needs to be confirmed by El Ranchito.)

Please sign up below:

Metod From 7. January 2011 (on).
Marsha From Jan 8th - 13th (evening)
Scott 8-16 Jan 2010.
Neil 8th - 16th Jan 2011 (has a place to stay)
Karem 13-16 Jan 2010.

El Ranchito: Research 1 November 2010

When: 2nd - 5th November 2010
Location: Matadero, Madrid

Day 1 initial contact and exchange
Day 2 walking tours of the sites
Day 3 a recap of where we are
Appendix 1 El Ranchito
Appendix 2 Matadero