08 February 08

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Disclosures 08.02.08 Rich Mix

Trevor, Wayne, neil, Marsha, and Ian
partial, partisan notes by Neil

We think Disclosures is on the 29th -30th

We recap where we are and what we think Disclosures is.

The theme of Disclosures is Openess, art, and media art. We want to try and use the Barcamp to do something concrete.

The Barcamp is an interesting open source format
Is the scale of it relevant?

What is the question that we want to set the Barcamp to work upon?

It could be as simple as the issue of openness versus self-organization

How do we get everyone to work on the theme? people have to be prepared in advance.

Thetotal time for presentations should be less than half the time alloted - 10/15/20 mins - and discussion the remainder. Individuals would get up to 5 mins each.

Importantly...we agree that participation/contributions can be very open: a brief talk, artwork, audio recording, whatever. The main thing is that people who come to the Barcamp part of Discloures will expect to take part.

Do there have to be themes to the presentations (often in different rooms, or spaces) so that threads are developed.? No. One of the only rules, is that everyone has to present - there is no audience.

what is our level of participation in Disclosures? It's hard to decide (and we get bit bogged down, with our expectations, and our projections, and our doubts, and our tiredness. We had already installed the new mediawiki website).

Could openness as an organizational model, be the theme?

we circulate around notions of conviviality - wine and cheese anyone? We could 'seed' the bar camp with invited participants?

we have a long discussion of the theme of openess. Ian thinks its sexy, Trevor is content, but not pumped-up.

We almost decide that this is what we will do Openness (and then we slightly run out of nerve).

We think the camp should be 2hours and then a bit of social decompression - the wine and cheese - (where the feedback, discussion takes place) It could be the last session on the 1st day of Disclosures.

We would capture the feedback (somehow), a feature of the Barcamp is that everyone is encouraged to 'own' the benefits of any exchanges, and blog, post to Flickr, Vimeo, etc. These are shared in a PageFlake like stucture

We want to use the idea of a camp, but our session is just two hours so we want a new Name::

OpenCamp: London
CashCamp: London
ResourceCamp: London
BudgetCamp: London

are possibilities.

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