11 June meeting notes

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Present: Neil, Cinzia, Marsha
Apologies: Michaela, Trevor

After a discussion about how this publication is going to represent a development on the first one, we recall that in the last CP general meeting, we had decided to concentrate this issue on reflection.

A list of the possible topics to be included:

1. The Brechtian Introduction (prepared for Disclosures)
2. The Draft guidelines for budget management
3. The Market of Ideas
4. The Big Idea
5. The Latour text on Traceability
6. The Ecoes project
7. The text for Vocabulaboratories
8. The Robin-and-Critical-Practice 'conversation'
9. Personal Budgets
10. The Knowledge Catalyst
11. The budget for this Publication itself
12. Thinking Through Practice

We cannot be reflective on all these items within the space of one publication, so we have decided to focus on the first 4 items, and have a selection of 'snippets' from the others.

Despite some exciting suggestions of extraordinary formats, we have decided to use the same format as last year - as we think it did its job very well, and to maintain a sense of continuity.

Suggestions for the cover settled on a composite from Jem's SwarmTV page with stills from the documentation of the Market of Ideas.

From a budget point of view, we appear to have about £2.100 and about €400.

Cinzia requested a symbolic one day fee of £150 for coordinating the project.

We didn't decide how many copies we should print, but certainly less than last year as we have a huge number of copies left.

We also decided to give a deadline of 7th July to anybody who wants to submit materials, but some harsh editorial decisions will have to be taken ...

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