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DATE 6 - 8 pm 16th October 2013

LOCATION E305 Research Office, E-Block, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Turning resources into revenue streams

To discuss: Turning resources into revenue streams, The Parade Ground management idea

Item 2; The Market of Values

To discuss: How are we progressing with The Market of Evaluation, our 'event' for 2015

Item 3: How to work/play together: new organizational models

To discuss: Workshop our self-organisation, ways of belonging, and processes

Item 4; Utopia

To discuss: Discuss do we want to be involved and develop an event around 'Utopia' in 2014, Neil to outline potential

Item 5: Critical Practice's online pressence

To discuss: to further our discussion and act upon our desire to augment our Wikification

Item 6: Meeting with Hans Abbing

To discuss: What do we want to talk about?
  • Evaluation? How to prepare? How might we best resource him in a low-key way?

Item 7: Not Knowing: A Collaboration Between CCW, APG, The Chelsea Salon Series

To discuss: Marsha to feedback on Josh Y'Barbo's email invite...

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