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DATE 6 - 8 pm 16th October 2013

LOCATION E305 Research Office, E-Block, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Appoint chair: Kuba

Appoint Minute Taker: Marsha and Neil

Item 1: Turning resources into revenue streams

To discuss: Turning resources into revenue streams, The Parade Ground management idea
  • See the paragraph half way through Item 1 in the last meeting minutes. "There's discussion about the Parade Ground........"
  • We discuss the UAL's message that for CP to survive, it needs to find revenue streams (be self-funding). We recognise the Parade Ground as an under-tapped resource. Should we think about a market? A farmer’s market? Will Baxter Story need to be involved if there’s competition? What about security? What about fruit and veg? There is a market in Pimlico…so in what ways would this market be different? How do we want to proceed with this idea? Karem could draw on his experience of managing the market behind RFH. We’re worried that we’ll invest in a lot of research and it will then be coopted! This is tricky...
  • ACTION: We'll start with Neil talking to George Blacklock about feasibility...the market working group will then progress the idea by considering things like start-up costs, neighbourhood impact, etc.

  • We discuss applying for a bid of under 15,000 to (1) fund programming leading up to our mega event in 2015; (2) establish a track record with the Arts Council in anticipation of funding our May 2015 event. How to progress? We need to begin thinking about what this funding might be for! This needs to be front loaded owing to funding life-cycles...
  • ACTION: Marsha will set up a page on the wiki. Here she'll indicate timelines for application as well as suggest possible funding strategies.

Item 2: The Market of Values

To discuss: How are we progressing with The Market of Evaluation, our 'event' for 2015
  • No new working group leader was established.
  • This wasn't discussed.
  • How are we going to move forward, refresh the theme of value and exchange - Reading groups? Screenings? Further walks? Workshops?
  • There is a terrific and slightly anxious discussion about content! We haven't even established how we're thinking about evaluation in our research. It's suggested that this could be what we come to understand via our investigation. But some placeholders are necessary.
  • ACTION: Let's begin mapping a series of events that spread across three areas - content, form (including self-organisation) and disseminating our research (including web-presence and networking) Perhaps these could go here... scroll all the way down!
  • ACTION: Marsha has already set up a page for overviewing our research - it would be good to keep this document live and perhaps think about iterations of some kind of generic proposal. Marsha is committed to progressing this...

Item 3: How to work/play together: new organizational models

To discuss: Workshop our self-organisation, ways of belonging, and processes

Item 4; Utopia

To discuss: Discuss do we want to be involved and develop an event around 'Utopia' in 2014, Neil to outline potential
  • Neil talks about his experiences being part of a Utopian Studies conference up in New Castle (organised by Dan Smith). There seem to be all kinds of very exciting synergies with what we're doing - there's a lot more to US than just sic-fi - one way of think of a utopia is in terms of displacement - isn't that something we've long explored inCP. There is dissent over adding this strand to our research into evaluation but it's finally agreed that we'll take...
  • ACTION: We decide not to do anything for the time being. It could be this fits in with our March event

Item 5: Critical Practice's online pressence

To discuss: to further our discussion and act upon our desire to augment our Wikification
  • Do we really need a portfolio?! Why isn't the wiki enough? Some argue that it's integral to CP's practice - that it distinguishes it us from lots of other art orgs out there; others insist that it may be fine for us but it's impenetrable for anyone not directly involved in CP--as well as many on the inside. The thing is, it's a mess because no on gardens it...but no one gardens it because it's so unruly an interface! The discussion carries on in the pub.
  • ACTION: Metod agrees to charge up our Wikification. He'll contact Ben and aim to report back on costing, design, etc. at our November meeting.

Item 6: Meeting with Hans Abbing

To discuss: What do we want to talk about?
  • Evaluation? How to prepare? How might we best resource him in a low-key way? - we speak about keeping this internal. If it's vectored through the Graduate School, then it will become a Graduate School event and issues around financial remuneration come to the fore... we're happy for it it be a more intimate event.
  • ACTION: Details to follow soon! If you're coming next Thursday, please consider checking out Hans' website.

Item 7: Not Knowing: A Collaboration Between CCW, APG, The Chelsea Salon Series

To discuss: Marsha to feedback on Josh Y'Barbo's email invite...
  • Marsha explains that CP has been invited by Josh Y'Barbo to be involved in the Not Knowing project. We're presently slotted in for Thursday afternoon. Marsha notes that she's been in touch with Josh and the possibility of compensating members of CP who aren't employed by CCW. No word yet...but she'll keep us posted. It's noted that the whole thing seems disorganised, chaotic and potentially exploitative. Do we really want to be involved? It's also observed that CP has a long history of creating platforms and inviting people to participate. This participation is rarely paid and our platforms are not always well organised. Could we embrace this invite in a spirit of goodwill? It's agreed that we think we can. Neil is happy to attend in the capacity of CP and Marsha too. Who else can make it?!
  • ACTION: Marsha will write back to Josh, outlining CP's position.
  • ACTION: Whoever can take part should sign up to the wiki page...

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