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DATE Tuesday 19th May 2015
LOCATION Sofa, 5pm till 7pm, Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Those present: Kuba, Amy, Neil F., Cinzia, Marsha, Metod, Garry Nash (MA Int. Design), Helen Brewar (MA Int. Design), Claire (belated;)
APOLOGIES: Neil C., Karem, Sissu
Minute Taker: Cinzia


To discuss: Report on actions from previous meetings
Discussed: First Kuba introduced #TransActing for Helen and Gary, then we reviewed the Action from the last meeting and we noted what is still outstanding. Most had been delt with. Of note: the minutes of the risk assessment meeting are on the wiki (It was suggested that Helen and Gary should have a look at them); The banner of value is still in production next meeting on 1st June; The Google doc spreadsheet has been starte ... use it!
Action: Find out what happens to the material left over from the degree show
Action: Invitations to hold stall should be confirmed by 31st May. Metod will send an email reminder


To discuss: which stalls are confirmed?
Discussed: Diversification, open call and selection in general.

We are expecting that stallholders will come in 4 guises: from CP regulars (about 10); invited (about 40); from the open call (about 10) and others who will join us last minute when all the moneys have been allocated.

We want to make an effort to also invite people who are different from us. How do we find the gaps? We decided that we need a focused working group, although most people present seemed enthusiastic about being part of it.

We discussed at length the issue of involving stallholders who have very different values from CP linked with money based capitalism. We do not want to ignore financial systems of value and create a fairy market. We care about representing diversity, a broader set of values and dissensus. The presence of stall holders with money-based values will only work of there is a critical mass.

We discussed involving people who look at financial values from different angles and people who work with value in tricky ways at a symbolic level.

We discussed how to handle the proposals coming in from the open call and how to coordinate these with the work of the diversification group: By 31st May, the group will produce a report and the budget will be updated. Each of the people charged with curating the market will shortlist 10 proposals from the open call and final decisions will be made at the next meeting.

To summarize: we aim for echolocation, not echochamber!

Action: Amy to chase all people responsible for invitations to confirm who has accepted or rejected
Action: Marsha to start a Differentiation Working Group page and set up a meeting before 31st May.
Action: Cinzia will join the differentiation working group and propose a stall about care. DONE
Action: Marsha to set up a call for the market on We Are Pop Up. NOTE DONE
Action: Marsha to set up a wiki page with a bullet point list of soft key criteria for selection of stalls. STARTED BUT NOT MUCH PROGRESS


To discuss: any other ideas for the workshop?
Discussed: We read and discussed the suggestions for Saturday's workshop. Please add!

Regarding the flow of materials ... there is the outstanding issue of trnsport, storage and disposal ... circulation. It sounds like this issue will be at the heart of the workshop.

Wimbledon have opened an account with warp it. Maybe we can do the same?


To discuss: Neil C proposal for Metod and Neil F to work on the currency systems for the market, what is our transaction policy?
Discussed: Will cash circulate in the market? What will be the policy on money? Neil C describe some possible approaches to approach alternative currencies: an auction where people are allocated status; a celebrity person who gets everything free; value would be added to traditional money by collecting from stalls and getting stamped.

All stallholders would have to agree to use alternative currency. This seems unpractical. Also unpractical is distributing currencies as people will come in from all directions.

Metod suggests the possibility of including a strip of tokens with publicity, but what mode of transaction would this focus on? Stallholders will come with their own ideas. What are our limits in relation to money? Marsha suggests charging different amounts in relation to size of the business for stalls advertised on We Are Pop Up. Also in relation to the portion of space as a percentage of the usual fee charged to hire the Parade ground. We will decide case by case. This could be our key policy.

It would be interesting to research the fees charged by local markets.

We remind ourselves that we want to explore wealth beyond capital, not alternatives to capital. Also, capital is not only money!

We conclude that this market should have a mixed economy, including Pounds, alternative currencies and alternative ways of transacting.

Action: The two Neils and Metod will meet to work on the currency.


To discuss: How is interior/spatial design cohort involved?
Discussed: Helen and Gary agree to help design some modular systems and build the stalls. They will also hold a stall with financial support firewalled by Ken. Helen's key interest is DIY, reusing, constructing and deconstructing. She has also been involved in constructing protest camps. Basically activism and architecture.

The construction and design aspect will cover the stalls and the market more generally, including signage, the buildings' facades and the glass fence.

Action: Helen and Gary will liaise with other students and work on a proposal for their stall.
Action: Helen will also take part in the Workshop on Saturday.
Action: Helen and Gary will join the construction working group coordinated by Neil C.
Action: Amy to email Gary and Helen all info about wiki and workshop. DONE


To discuss: Who and how is going to publicize? Metod to introduce Critical Practice's Facebook page and Critical Practice's Twitter account for social media publicity for #TransActing and future events. Amy and Metod to report on the publicity map and the structure + timeline for the publication.
Discussed: PUBLICITY: Wendy from Chelsea will help to publicize. We talked about creating different press releases for different contexts.
Cinzia points out that the old fb page still exists and it's a bit dead. Should it be closed down?
Discussed: PUBLICATION: All updates are on the wiki - timeline and some people have been assigned to cover some aspects. But the link on the main page does not seem to work at the moment, at least for me.
Discussed: MAP: Metod and Amy are planning a map as publicity. We discussed if it should correspond to the placement of the stall - it definitely should! Stallholders will add keywords at the back of the map, but this map will be prepared at the beginning of setting up, ready by 4th July and distributed widely. Visitors might connect the stalls with lines as they visit them and collect 'points'. The map is 'emergent'. It might become a stall. There will also be a separate handout with short descriptions of the stalls.
Action: Cinzia will join the publication working group. DONE
Action: Marsha, Metod and Amy will get a list of listings together NOT DONE
Action: We all need to keep posting on the fb page. Metod will make us administrators so we can all post as CP.
Action: EVERYBODY needs to invite connections to like the fb page.
Action: Metod will create a fb event of the open call

Any Other Business 1:

To discuss: How do Cinzia and Ewa, who were not included in the ACE bid, fit in?
Discussed: We discussed this briefly ...
Action: We need to update the budget regularly to include the people who joined at later stages and those invited for diversification

Any Other Business 2:

To discuss: Kuba and Metod will have to fly into London specifically to work on the Market
Discussed: It has been agreed that they will be supported financially to a maximum of 2 low price flights each.
Action: Update the budget.

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