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DATE: Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 5:00pm
LOCATION: Karem's studio

Present Marsha, Metod, Karem, Kuba, Scott, Neil
Appoint chair Metod
Minutes Neil

Item 1: TINAG

To discuss:' Organization and Structure of Discussion

Aspects/Interests/Themes - please come with a couple of ideas so we can anticipate our discussion. 3.30 - 5pm is our slot, and we tried to get a grip on who is doing what
Metod has edited lots of clips about the city and corporation of London, he can play these.
Simon will present on art moving
Alice on art auctions
Christian on local currencies
Kuba and Gentrification and gated communities
Neil on the dematerialization of value, re-materialization of institutions. Bank and Tate
Karem Tortoise, cairo and free food.
Scott will think more about his contribution, it will be based on working in the city

Marsha to feedback on a related event "Recessional Aesthetics"
Sunday 17th James Taylor Gallery and NoWhere facilitated presentations and discussion of recessional aesthetics. David Graeber spoke. Wallinger and State Britain influential, lively discussion. Demonstration and facilitation, conversation and public discussion. This is crucial discussion and we have to be prepared. In the present climate of government cuts and bankers bonuses. Deutsch Bank, sponsors Frieze

Organization - who is going to bring what?

Do we want refreshments? Should Marsha bring her tea trolley?
Who will bring the projector from Chelsea?
Can someone bring a computer?
Marsha will bring an extension cord
Marsha will bring her sound system

Item 2; Parade Legacy Publication

To discuss: Engaging with the content and editing process

Additional feedback from/for Neil on the project notes?
Not everyone has read the material, and it has made it hard to edit and see what is missing. We have a long discussion, about who or what is missing and how to include 'missing' material. There is an even longer discussion on how to include what is missing. We have way to much material. What is relevant and what is not. How to coordinate the process.

We decide on a sequential editing round-robin
Marsha - Friday, Method - Saturday, Scott -Sunday, Kuba - Monday and then back to Neil. Delivered to Designer Monday 1st
Marsha and Neil have received quite a few contributions from stall holders. This has been a nightmare, no one reads emails and therefore people have sent giant files to the wrong addresses. Marsha and Neil have swapped many emails and accounts have crashed, there are still bits missing but we some some good contributions.
Who hasn't submitted anything? Who will help to produce these entries?
Neil will cut material from the, wiki and update the contribution index

Marsha to feedback back on glossary developments...
No one has done very much, we extend the deadline. Friday 29th is the deadline for the glossary.

Item 3; What does membership in CP entail?

To discuss: The nuts'n bolts of CP membership...
Marsha to report on Sharon's interest in joining CP and Marsha's proposal that we do a short two-hour workshop on being a member combined with a Christmas event. We'd explore what membership entails--which would be useful for new members Karem and Sharon as well as established members looking for a refresher.
We agree to have a christmas event for new members and a party the week of 13th December.

Item 4: Matadero

To discuss: Neil to report back from recent Madrid trip and discussion with Ranchito.
We have a clearer picture of what Rachito is, and we talked about a market of ideas structure to facilitate discussion and exchange. Method will go in November 1st to 7th, and Neil too from the 3rd- 7th. The rest of our group in January 2011

Item 5: Marsha and Metod to report back on Institutions of Culture, Work, & Education at the Impasse: What is Worth Fighting For?

To discuss: Where things are at and how CP might contribute in November as well as Scott's ambivalence...
We are contributing to the Carrot workers project. Lively political differences. We are in the pre-ocupation project, exercising and making demands of public space. Its amazing and inspiring, they are a great group with energy. Although a bit ludicrous. 27th is the next meeting at the ICA. Return to the roots of the ICA. Long discussion, less of a discussion more of ramble. We have 10 minutes of battery life left

Item 5: Any news on fixing the email list?

To discuss: Neil to report back
Will meet with Ian on Sunday

Item 6: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Poland
Kuba reports on the Gdansk project, preparation for June 2011. It will have a barcamp like structure. People encouraged to express failure within cultural work. (6mins of battery left)
Then to Warsaw, more serious and we need to be prepared. Marsha can go, Metod and Karem.
Minutes cease (No Battery)