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DATE Tuesday 23rd September 2014
LOCATION Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, 18.00pm till 20:20pm

THOSE PRESENT: Marsha, Eva, Karem, Catherine, Sissu, Neil, Trish, and Claire
CHAIR: Karem

Market Working Group

Item 1: Developing content for the Market

Who do we want to involve in the Market of Values...

We start with an overview of where we think we are with the Market of Values Research, there is a discussion of generosity, where it slides into power and authority. And dependency. Potlatch and gifts are mentioned. Community formation, community formation around communal resources.
Internships in the arts - Precarious Workers Brigade. - the counter guide to internships

How do we want to work? What are our working practices to achieve a list of contributors, and decide who to invite (and whom to pay). We skate over this..........aggregate names (with description or links) on the wiki.

Do we want an auction? We could auction space or location? We want abhorant values to also be in circulation too. Dealers, collectors, an antiques roadshow type stall. Antagonism. Shifting values from one location to another, charging money to hire a space - and using the money to support (otherwise)free-labour.
Bingo - gambling addictions,addictions, lottery-like things, the value of labour, intellectual property v blood donation. Prestige. Please the Queen (or the God). Artists working with currencies. Bargains, everone likes a bargain!!!

The psychology of evaluation. Where is subjectivity in evaluative communities, can you 'have your own value'? Are all values communal?
The value of words in Google
The value of a warm coat when you are cold........barter into warmth.
The price point above which, all you are paying for is image/brand/prestige/self-satisfaction/
Taste testing - baked bean taste testing
Map of fruiting trees in London, Fallen Fruit. gleaning, Agnes Varda - The Gleaners.
Out of date foodstuffs. Waste streams, re-using waste streams. A banquet
Fortune tellers.

Sludge, food, preservatives, Bread & butter, Food. Food, lets violate monopolies.

9-17th June is the tentative date for the market. Is this a good time? Students will be busy. Fuck students.

Is this Market of Values Research a useful way to gather research and ideas?
Sissu mentioned investigating a history of The Market Market of Values Research too. (sorry I can't be there! - Amy)

Item 2: Developing the form for the Market

What do we want to do…..Marketwise, what kind of structures do we imagine and where?

Higgly, piggly, shonky. What if everyone has an umbrella. Sounds like a beach? Would we work on a stall kit?
A tressle table, some rain covering?
A cloth on the floor, the most basic display technology.
The cost of hiring equipment - tables, covers, signs
Building stalls and selling them? Could they be artworks?

Sissu and Eva leave the meeting.

A black market
Is the Parade Ground like a monopoly board, different locations have different costs? Could we auction these?
Alliances, affinities, traffic, through flow, time-sensitive pricing, time as a currency.
Visit markets, should we plan some visits? A field trip/s? We reminisce about flea markets.
Gentrification. Student fees.
Attention economies, reputations, language.

Item 3: Developing Resources for the Market

How is the funding going...

We have some money £8,500 - £9,000
Value in kind, resources, IOU's (Marsha loves them) DEBT. Indebted. Indebtedness.
We can't make an ACE bid, because we can't specify what we want it for.........eggs/chickens/eggs
Who should we pay........ maybe we curate some parts and pay those people?
Communities of employment

ACTION We agree to meet on the 13th of October at Chelsea, to finalise list of contributors, and decide on ACE funding bid.

Item 4: Report-back on contact with Andreas Lang

To discuss: He's happy to meet with us in early October and he's suggested meeting on the morning of the 10th October but wants to know how many will come? How is this date for everyone?

Enough of us can make the date to make this a YES

If there is time…...

Item 5: Let's look at the Utopia/Evaluation publication!

To discuss: What do we think?


Item 6: Invitation from at Five Years - Please see the invitation here

To discuss:

Unfortunatly no one can make this date

Item 7: Report-back from Neil on Open School East screening

To discuss:

NO TIME But basically Neil misunderstood, the invitation is not about a CP screening series. However Open School East would love to host the Bicycle Cinema in early December....

Item 8: Any Other Business (AOB)


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