Agenda for 20th February 2015

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DATE: 20th February 2015 @ 6:00
LOCATION: Sophaville Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Review the Curatorial Market Pack

To discuss: The aim of the pack is to standardize how we're representing the market to those we aim to invited and others. Are we happy with how it's shaping up?

Item 2: Talk in further detail about the Market Publication

To discuss: Neil and Metod had posted a few questions on the Market Publication's site.

Item 3: Promotion, Dissemination & "Marketing" of the Market (by Metod – sorry I cannot be with you)

To discuss: On top of newsletters and press through UAL, open call and curatorial pack, how else do we want to promote, disseminate and market our event? On top of the above should we think about FB event and Twitter handle – such as. @CPTransAction (@TransAction has been digitally squatted since 2009)? Our Twitter and Instagram # should be #TransAction.

Item 4: Review Five Years Invitation for 1 - 17 May

To discuss: Please read the description at the bottom of this page; is this an invitation we want to take-up?

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


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