Agenda for Parade Meeting on Feb 2, 2010

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DATE Tuesday February 2, 2010
LOCATION E-Block, 5:00pm till ?, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Appoint chair Cinzia

Appoint Minute Taker Neil

Item 1: Involving Joanna Warsza

To discuss: In what ways she might be involved

Item 2; Budget considerations + organization

To discuss: Ewelina, coordination and the UAL

Paying CP membrs for lots of work as 'coordinators'
Who might be responsible for what?
Polish Budget draft

Item 3; Reviewing the Invitation Letter - Confirmations to date

To discuss: Any issues with the letter and: How many confirmations do we have to date?

Item 4: Recap on meeting with Joanna and Michow, about the emergent structure:

To discuss: How do we help the structure progress. Kuba requested a summary of this meeting to Ola and Joanna as well as a reminder about deadlines (including the 15th)
Also, do we want to meet with Joanna Rajkowska when she's here?

Item 5: Practical things

To discuss: Chairs, food, toilets, um

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


here are the minutes

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