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Beyond The Free Market looks at the consequences of capitalist economic policies for food production and consumption. We aim to explore, through creative, critical practice issues such as: food overproduction, food insufficiency and the impact of these on developing and third world countries. Our work refers to Freeganism or Skipping, sustainability, agricultural policy, waste and recycling.

Last meeting: Minutes 28th January 2008. See Minutes pages for details of previous meetings.

Email BTFM: if you'd like to get involved or come to the next BTFM meeting...

BTFM was brought into life by the artist Eugenia Beirer and then further developed in collaboration with the working group within Critical Practice.

Current people in the BTFM working group are: Spring Exprit (Eugenia Beirer), Mary Anne Francis, Trevor Giles, Mike Knowlden and Chan Baik

Documentation and work prior to 2008 exists on a previous wiki where you can find agendas, minutes and a wealth of research. The image library was attacked by hackers. Contact BTFM for images.

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Rubbish goods and 'Green Gifts' - we have been developing some products to generate funds for the Kitchen and promote BTFM concerns.

Active Research - encourages research through practical experience. We're working to inform ourselves of economics. BTFM is a continuation of, or has its origin in 'The Free Market Day' and the Free Market Kitchen run by Collide/Collabo on 26th June 2005.