CP Pot-luck Picnic on the Public Furniture - July 5, 2013

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Where: Chelsea - on the public furniture (the furniture that's found it's public)
When: July 5, 2013 5:30-?
Bring: Food and drink to share in the spirit of our annual CP Picnic
We should use the opportunity to celebrate and plan how we want to continue, and continue doing what? We of course have our ongoing research on evaluation and the various brokers events, and the (as yet) unrealised Market of Values


  • Marsha: vegetarian Thai curry along with rice and coleslaw
  • Neil: crudités, more or less organic, and homemade humus, and wine (not homemade). I'll also source plates and cups and cutlery,
  • Sharon: Home baked goods of some description. Soft drinks.
  • Scott: cheese, chocolate, wine, pistachios, mango and avocado

The company was so good, we abandoned the CP meeting until the following Monday, read an account

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Metod, modelling cherry earings
Alt text
Annual picnic, Nick, Laura, Marsha and Karem (arm)