Day 1

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El Ranchito // Matadero // Madrid 1st meeting with El Ranchito project at Matadero, Madrid.

2. November 2010 10am – 3pm Notes have been gathered by Metod

Informal discussion (10am – 10.40am) Present: Javier, Soren, Gema,

Introduction into the Matadero foyer while walking through IntermediÆ spaces. Waiting for Manuela who later excused herself for health reasons.

Meeting (10.45am – 3pm) Present: Pablo, Gema, Javier, Soren, Marta, Sonsoren, Metod (Manuela excused herself for health reasons)

Item 1: Metod presented Critical Practice (to the best of his ability and knowledge) and talked about the dynamics, structure, membership, decision-making (enthusiasm factor), background and history of CP.

Item 2: Pablo introduces El Ranchito and Matadero supported by Gema, Javier and Soren. Although they have not consolidated the structure of the project they know it is important it becomes somewhat separate from Matadero initiative.

(Read Appendix 1: El Ranchito)

The discussion leads to organisation of the initiatives they are running within the Matadero. Although Matadero is becoming a managing body of numerous venues within its borders some of the institutions already established within Matadro are resisting subordination.

A term “facilitation” is thrown into the discussion and Pablo as well as Gema are taking its notion as the way forward not only within the El Ranchito but also as a form of organisation within the Matadero. Facilitation was very much favoured over organisation, curation and management in the context of El Ranchito and partly in the context of Matadero.

Pablo then goes and introduces Matadero as a managing body of the Matadrro venue(s) and talks a little about internal politics, and explains how structure of the organisation functions between the Municipality of Madrid and other institutions situated within the Matadero perimeter.

(Read Appendix 2: Matadero)

Conversation leads to the term utopia. Pablo compares their work at El Ranchito and Matadero to be utipic, idealistic but accepts the possibility that it may fail in the future. Metod introduces the term protopic as being utopic (idealistic) but with clear drive to succeed or make it work on the long run. He does not offer a clear definition of the term as he does not know it (yet).

Item 3: What is expected from Critical Practice? There has been a lot of talk where the two groups can join forces and produce a project that will effectively launch newly developed Matadero into the public sphere.

El Ranchito / Matadero management had drawn several points where they see our involvement necessary, productive and useful: - Consultancy / reflecting on El Ranchito’s work; - Not focusing on our on work (producing a CP project) but rather working with / collaborating with El Ranchito / Matadero to produce public event(s) – El Ranchito + Critical Practice; - For the purpose of this project merging / setting a collaboration between CP and El Ranchito’s operations; - Constructing a structure of some sort with the help of participatory parties; - Building a relationships between the institutions witinh Matadero, within the immediate neighbourhoods, addressing local, national and international activity; - IntermediÆ (an independent organisation contained within Matadero, who proposed Critical Practice to Matadero for a residency. Neil also works closely with them on their archive) to be facilitating CP.

Item 4: Pablo and Gema present Matadero the development project, its limitations and benefits. Metod asks for as many hard copies of documents they have and gets them to build a dossier of information for other CP members to get informed about the scope and level of engagement.

All has been done with the aid of maps, urban plans and historic images. The actual walk around has happened on the 3. November 2010 led by Matadero management.

Meeting ends at 3pm.

Metod leaves Matadero and walks along the river to get the scale of the broader context of construction along the river. Construction starts few hundred meters south of Matadero and runs a little further from the royal palace in the heart of Madrid 8 km (5 m) from Matadero.

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