Day 3

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El Ranchito+Critical Practice//Matadero//Madrid 3st meeting with El Ranchito project at Matadero, Madrid.

5. November 2010 1.30pm – 3pm Present: Manuela, Gema, Metod Notes have been gathered by Metod

This meeting is manly to draw conclusions of meetings during the first research week in Madrid between 2. and 7. November 2010. (Read notes on Day 1 and Day 2

There are several key terms/notions that are central to the conversation: - Participation - Mediation - Facilitation

We acknowledge the need/desire for participation should be happening on several layers: 1.) within Matadero, 2.) in the locale - neighbourhoods, 3.) within the municipality of Madrid, 4.) nationally scouting individuals, groups, collectives and organisations from other Spanish cultural hubs: Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao etc.), 5.) internationally.

An idea arises to form participation satellite group who scouts nationally for possible participants who want to contribute. There is little (if at all) integration between art/culture from different cultural centres in Spain.

In the notion of participation El Ranchito + Critical Practice acts as mediators and/or facilitators. The two collectives “should” remain in the shadows of the project for appropriate and critical content to happen. In participation Neil and I were urging El Ranchito to include young not yet established professionals and students from different departments: arts, art theory, curatorial courses and curators, architects, designers, social scientists, sociologists, anthropologists etc. after learning the fact that they are rarely subjected to the professional world.

Building relationships are the key for the event/project ER + CP will embark on!

We touch upon El Ranchito’s organisation. Neil and I are adamant their wiki should be “transparent”, open and clear, and not closed and by invitation only as is presently.

ER needs to state clear aims and objectives to the wider public. This will be a challenge as members come from many different practices and backgrounds. Currently the public is totally unaware that the El Ranchito activity exists, let alone knows what is their core function and aim.

Metod suggests personalising ER’s wiki page moving from a generic and unremarkable web-skin. The look is important for promotion, although they should avoid established Matadero’s look, which is heavy and black.

Neil and Metod ask for a comprehensive list of possible organisations (i.e. schools, NOG’s, local organisations, etc.) for easier work in mid January when CP arrives and starts the process of thinking in collaboration with ER.

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