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The format will be same as last year: A5 full colour, 100% FSC recycled stock, uncoated 120gsm, vegetable-based ink, 28 pages. 1000 copies.

  • different colours
  • higher ratio of words to images
  • maybe get more onto pages

For the cover a composite of fragments of the Market of Ideas page from SwarmTV:

For the Brechtian Introduction tiny images of the slides used for the Disclosure presentation running down the side of the text. There are some documentary images here.

Design won't be done using open source software due to time pressure and lack of knowledge.

Open Publishing

Things are happening in software but not so much in the way of templates and ready-designed projects. Some methodologies would help make design process more accessible. (currently offline) (currently offline)

Design Method

Current State of Design Methods on Wikipedia.
This on makes 'design' look impossible in the time available.
Constant ZVW's Print Partys and How To Print A Booklet In 19 Easy Steps. Constant ask whether open source tools imply a different culture of design and different expectations.

Open Source Software for desktop publishing

Gimp for pixel-based 2D imaging
Scribus DTP application
Inkscape for vector graphics


Open Font License - Bitstream ‘Vera’ (OFL Verdana version)

Free Libre Open Creative Commons Fonts

Free-to-use fonts - hand drawn - enjoy some of the blog aesthetic - click the letters. Scripto-narrow might look good small. District Thin is nice also.

Visual Research

Hyperlink metaphors in print -
Web swatches -

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