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Organizational meeting about our contribution to Disclosures

Recent meetings On Friday 8th February at 2pm in the café space at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch.

Rich Mix meeting notes 08 February 08

An initial discussion circulated around ideas of a organising a sort of Barcamp. As a way of tackling in an open and participatory way, a concrete ‘problem’ or task.

We don't yet have the 'problem' or task. Openness was seen as a default topic but not a mutually beneficial one - talking about openness is productive toward the principle but we are interested to embody openness in keeping with an approach to critical and reflexive practice.Resources, pertaining to funds, funding, people, time, effort and output/outcomes has since been suggested since it has proved to be the toughest nut (for Critical Practice) to crack by far. The title is broad enough to accommodate material as well as intangible resources.

As an icebreaker participants might encapsulate their interest using three 'tags'.

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