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Minutes for the First Meeting: Morpeth Arms Pub 7:30-9:40, Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cinzia, Michaela, Jem and Marsha in attendance

Chair and minute taker: Marsha (which helps to explain why these minutes are a little "compromised" Also, it was kindly noted that Marsha didn't keep time too well, something she'll do better in future :))

JM suggested we all declare our interest in the project

JM: to establish self as an expert in Actor Network Theory


  1. to learn more about ANT
  2. to develop her research
  3. to develop a resource for CP


  1. to improve understanding of ANT
  2. to be part of the Networks of Design 2008 conference
  3. to take up the challenge of applying ANT to video

MR: (unfortunately, I didn't note Michaela's interest)

Report on the conference:

JM and MB's proposal being rejected is actually a blessing as it now looks like JM will be curating the exhibition component of the project and that we will present at a forum as part of this project. JM identified that the artistic component has the potential to dislodge assumptions about the conference. The exhibition will launch the conference. Other people to be involved include Christian Knoles (maps). There will be some discussion around Making Things Public, which basically sums up JM's sensibility. The notion of the exhibition in this context need not be taken literally. Rather, it may be more useful to think about us having a platform to develop ideas.

The forum will provide a link between the exhibition and the conference.

CM's question: Are we suing ANT for the editing of the market footage?

MB: Agrees with CM that to use ANT as a way to organize the editing process and a way to organize the footage seems like a tall order.

CM: So there are some important questions to address around editing and organizing the footage. How has JM edited the footage to date?

JM: Has divided it up according to stalls. However, he notes that footage is always edited. It's always an interpretation. This raises the question: How do you apply ANT to video editing? So the question is: what is the structure we're working towards?

AIM: to have some kind of plan by August 1, 2008, though we may choose to edit the footage over the course of the conference.

MB and CM say that will be unable to seriously engage again before the second week in May.

It is decided that we form an ANT reading group to tease out some of the main issues around dynamics involved in this approach. (JM: mentioned there's no orthodoxy making it a tricky approach to use.)

CM: suggests that we meet on Google chat.

Reading group plan: Each member of the group will select a text and lead either an online or face-to-face discussion about this text. The rest of the group will read the text, reflect and plan to contribute. We'll experiment with doing this in IM on Google chat.

MR: June 23, 2008 CC: July 7, 2008 JM: July 21, 2008 CM: August? MB: August?

ACTION POINTS: MB to talk to Corrado about his involvement in the reading group . JM to talk to the organizers of the conference to confirm the exhibition/forum.

JM/MB to get ethics sheets signed by participants of the market.

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