General Market Meeting Agenda for 16th June 2015

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DATE 16th of June 2015
LOCATION 5 - 7:30pm, Sofas, 3rd Floor, E Block Chelsea College of Arts, London

Appoint Chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: action points from previous meetings reviewed


Item 2: TransActing Invitations/Confirmations

To discuss: Be prepared to confirm all stall holders you are responsible for! Further, how are we going to distribute curatorial responsibilities for the Open Call and for Others? Let's discuss

Item 3: Clarify TransActing Budgets

To discuss: We need to confirm all financial obligations, esp. in relation to our obligations to different stall holders. We'll clarify how claims from ACE budget are going to work.

Item 4: Diversification of the Market

To discuss: Report by Differentiation Working Group, content and budget of additional stalls

Item 5: Impressions from Art Car Boot Sale

To discuss: Marsha and Kuba giving a short debrief on our trip to Art Car Boot Sale

Item 6: Currencies, Money and Pricing

To discuss: Tracking develepment of the currency system. Deciding our policy on monetary exchanges

Item 7: Preps for wokshops on 18th

To discuss: Review results of previous workshops. Discuss ways to move forward. Tools and manpower.

Item 8: Negotiations with RHP Management

To discuss: we need to reach a consensus on our obligations to RHP Managment and clarify our requests to them. There is a minor issue with the security, the College wants CP to cover the costs from project's budget, which is not accounted for before.

Item 9: Speakers' Corner

To discuss: Update on preparations for construction and discussion about how it will work and who will speak - please see this page for further information.

Item 10: Publicity

To discuss: [Confirming various press] bits and pieces

Item 11: Flat at Chelsea

Amy to discuss