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Neil's live notes as the lecture happened
File:2008stiegler140x130.png Bernard Stiegler, 6th March 2008
Towards a European Way of Life

Its 6.30 and the lecture is soon to start.
people are drifting in fashionably and europeanly, late, its almost full.

Niccolo and Lorenzo begin by introducing the idea of the London Festival of Europe, its to discuss things that are missing from the official discourse, to construct the idea of Europe, and its thanks to many people.

its the 50th anniversary of the EU parliament
and 60 years since the declaration of human rights

Lorenzo draws the London Festival of Europe logo and explains the myth of Europa after Herodotus - bulls and children. Europe used to be must bigger than we now consider it to be, its big messy and complex, its lines of force.

Then Bernard Steigler is introduced. A truly public intellectual

Bernard starts his lecture
Europe and the future of europe, after psycho-power after Deleuze.
How to capture attention? Attention in the libidinal economy.
Individualized and simultaneously a social activity - taking care of another.

The destruction of collectivized attention. The war upon attention.
To pay attention is to take care, psychic and social care.

Capital's fascination with short term affects.
investment in short term attention - the image of the consumer and the speculator
The speculator takes no care of the objects of his/her desire

The loss

  1. of libidinal energy
  2. of financial capital?

The contemporary struggle to capture social networks.
a-gramatized(?) gramatized - terms like transindividualisation or individuation

psycho power, psycho techniques
tags, wikis, techniques of collective attention


primary and tertiary attention
protention - to expect

The souvenir - primary retention
We all hear something different - singular, memory of the lecture - secondary retention -

individuation within discourse, individuation within the social of discourse retentional circuits - circuits of transindividualisation.

pharmacon - a drug- the text as psycho effeects

retentional devices - mp3 players and the like.
we need a new industrial European politics. Its necessary.......

3 Limits of capitalism

  1. gestures are harnessed by industrialisation - industrial proletariat (Ford factory) biopower
  1. the consumer is put to work to soak up the overproduction (of industrialization?)

the libidinal economy - the liquidation of their (the consumers) own desire
psychopower and psycho technologies - like TV

psychopower has overtaken biopower

the technologies of attention transidividualisation.

Care as the chain of value - to take care is to economize

A war against the processes of the destruction of attention. marketing as the technology of control

The forces of Capital as consuumption is addictive.
we know it's bad for us but we cannot stop

short-term investment - financial and libidinal
Is a growth that destroys the desire of the desiring subjects. The libido is destroyed.

negative externalities - like pollution, globla warming

libidinal energy the production of life itself.
The drive that consumes itself- consumption, is also the destruction of attention.
The libido is the intrinsic drive of desire- it takes care of its objects.

Hydrogen fusion would allow a limit (energy) to be put back.

Contemporary production and consumption gives rise to proletarians of knowledge

the overcoming of the structual logics of production and consumption

peer production and sustainable producers and consumers - like wiki's
infinately renewable energy - creativity.

motivations for taking care of others and the world
long term investment - the taking care of sustainable investment.

knowledge and the technologies of IP

social forms
ascendant innovation - consistencies of attention - knowledge and theories
relational knowlege - through relational technologies - like wiki's
technologies of the spirit

Moores law
reticulation - metadata -
circuits of individuation - in social networks. aggregates

psycho-individuation -
hives, multitudes, collaboration, mutuality

disassociated milieau. attentional technologies are all pharmacons Bakhtin,

technologies of spirit.
the dead logic of psychopower.
economising has to mean taking care


Niccolo kicks off the questions.

does Europe have a responsibility to explore this new politics?

Europe does not understand America. Becuase they have a long term strategy. Europe still has a short term attention. We must collaborate with Japan, China, and America. A discourse.

there is no difference in the neo-liberal ideology of Europe or America

He agrees, but there is something interesting in the growth in European interest in environmental ecologies

There are problems in matter, but the real problem is in the psyche. Consumption is toxic a pharmacon that is destroying us.

Will this happen within Capitalism, or in a new social form?

Bernard Rereading the materialism of Marx knowledge and understanding.

8.30 and the battery is low.

-3 min warning.....

Dead Notes

Bernard Stiegler Chelsea 06/03/08 (only lightly revised)

Future of Europe and world is about psycho power of control society. Radio, tv and digital technology = Channeling of attention. Destruction of attention: of libidal economy. Attention= reality of individuation=both collective and psychic.

Social faculty of taking care of object. Attention=civility. Based on socialized libidal energy. Pay attention=take care, to watch out=also libidal economy=social and psychical apparatus hook up.

General organology. ADD (attention deficit disorder) destroys industrial capitalism of investment. Capitalism becomes speculative. Hegemony of short term. Loss of attention=loss of capacity of projection in long term=desire=>effects on consumers. Speculator pays no attention to object of speculation and takes no care. Not interested in consequences. Performative in Lyotard sense. System of short term established with destruction of attention!

Third limit of capitalism= crisis. Politics of investment =long term. Control of social networks= access to collective attention=grammatisation of mechanisms of Trans-individuation = operation of socialization of psychical.

Technologies of trans-individuation take over. Technology for Foucault =techniques of the self as psychic organisations are already technologies of socialization.

Relationship of psychic power and marketing. Psycho techniques of the self become psycho techniques of trans-individuation. It short circuits social networking. Grammatises new forms of social relations.

For the future we need to know what attention is. Necessary for psychic and social. Between retetions and protentions according to Husserl. Retention + protention= attention. Primary retention=what happens when you listen to me. Attention<->attendre =waiting, retaining maintaining (in French ‘maintenant’ means now!)belongs to passing present.

Retaining word no longer present. Past but still present, waiting for …

Secondary retention=memory. Selects possibilities from primary retention =singular! Apprehension of what is said=every time singular!

Attention<-> singularity! Listening to recording you can affect new primary retentions! Into discourse already constituted, new meanings. Process of my own individuation hooking up with individuation of speaker=circuits of trans-individuation.

Tertiary retention <-> Plato’s pharmacon = drug for attentional effects. – psycho-technical device. Writing allows formation of primary and secondary retentions (Husserl). Tertiary =memo-technical forces. System of care.

Retentional devices today configured in networks. Hyper industrialized .

3 limits of capitalism.

Limit 1 Industrial revolution. Control of gestures = liquidation of know-how of workers. Productivity=misery.

To counter, consumerism = instrumentalisation of libidinal = liquidation of know-how in living. Liquidation of consumers own desires and their children’s. Parents don’t know anything and are not responsible for anything.= they are children too.

Destruction of desire=destruction of care and attention.

Bio-power becomes psycho power.

Industrial becomes toxic to mind, libido and biological level. Consequently, we need a new way of taking care specific to our time. Making care =chain of value = economy. Renewing original sense of economy= economise= taking care!

Economic way against process of long term. Consumption: addictive process. Hard to find sustainable satisfaction.

New global capitalism needs new logic and objects of investment both libidal and economic. ‘Rifkin’ (?) end of the age of oil. Growth for desire. Oil creates negative externalities and requires consumption. To prepare for future = new energy sources and new economic models. Energy of existence = libidal. Energy crisis = passing for Rifkin. No need to ask about crisis of libidinal energy. =unable to take care of the world. Drive-driven energy = destructive of its object. Drive consumes its object. Implemented by consumer= destructive. Consume =first meaning is ‘to accomplish’. With Christianity = destruct. Then usage for satisfaction of needs. Economic at beginning of 20th century.

Libido as desire not as drive, takes care of its object. 3rd limit of capitalism =in drive-driven economy. Libido based economy=sustainable!

Rifkin’s discourse offers hydrogen as alternative to energy crisis. Questions of energy are not separate from issues of networking and information. Hydrogen network should be based on model of social networks. Economy of subsistence destroys economy of existence. It deprives of desire. Overcoming of oppositions and proletarialisation it engenders. Network: everybody consumer AND producer!

New social rationality is productive of motivation for taking care of the world and each other. War against short term investment.

Fuel crisis = opportunity to reflect on crisis of energy of existence. Ascendant innovation: social as a whole drop of electronic technologies requires new analytical competencies. Functionalities of soc network = competencies of self-organisation. = ascendant, not socialities imposed by research, from top, etc.

Digital technologies =new technological mileau reconfigures social individuation. It reconfigures psycho control into self-social formation. Relational technologies. Dynamic potential of expectations of population not content with existing social organization.

Meta-language of new type. Model of reticulation of digital network parallels social reticulate. Psychic individuation inscribed in the ‘real’ = collective individuation. Circuit of process of individuation. IP = appears superficial but brings together psychic individuation into collective individuation. Collaborative spaces of knowledge and research and production.

Engenders signification. Circuits knitted can be meta-stabilised. Different dynamics = formations can become participatory or depleted.

Technological relational milieux = where all participating contribute. Can also be short-circuited. Technology of formation of attention can always reverse into destruction, and dissociation.

Sustainable libidinal economics, ‘noo’ politics =?

The Big Question: can European way of live be about taking care?

--Cinzia 10:07, 7 March 2008 (UTC)