Madrid Research Day 4

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Day 4: 11 Jan - The day we stormed our brains good

After a very successful day on Monday by having walked with a group of amazing, intense and passionate people we were wondering how can we harvest some of the enthusiasm and use it in our brainstorming session on Tuesday's early afternoon. After another sleepless night we have met with Neil at 11am in El Ranchito's flat aiming to discuss how are we going to approach forth coming session.

We have drafted rather intense questions a couple of days prior with which we have not been entirely sure they they will serve their purposes on the day. We thought it would be better to animate the day by putting a couple of forms and systems in place.

CP+ER BrainstormingSession SM.jpg
Brainstormers (from left to right): Frank, Gema, Marsha, Javier, Catarina, Scott, Neil, Pablo, Manualla, Pepa, Ivan and me (Metod taking this photo).

We decided to brake ice with a rather lively "game" of answering "what if..." questions. We drafted our question as: what if El Ranchito was...? Questions would be written on top of the A4 page and would get answered by people in the room without reading previously answered questions. This ice-breaker was followed by a more direct and "hard-core" questions. First question asked was: what do they (El Ranchito) want from opening events? Third question was directed to El Ranchito themselves: what do they want from El Ranchito? Next question we have planned to ask but had skipped due to time limitations: what do they (El Ranchito) want from the commission? and what do they (El Ranchito) want from collaborations? And last but not least: What are the perceived risks for the events?, what makes you apprehensive? and what are the challenges?

With this in mind we went to the session and proposed we split in groups of 4 (13 people were present, and group no.1 had 5). We also decided to use A4 paper for the "what if..." part, and posteds for the more hard-core questions. 2h later we have intensely stormed our brains from which great debates and conversations sprung to life.

We brake for lunch and go to the restaurant above the petrol station where we continue the conversation. Frank describes his professional and creative life in a nut shell and we all listen in awe...

CP Marsha Documenting SM.jpg
CP Scott Scribing SM.jpgCP Neil Tired SM.jpg
Top: Marsha in her designated role - photo-documenting. Left: Scott in his designated role - scribing. Right: Neil after a long (long) session squatting but still contributing.

After we have been fed we reconvene in the seminar room at Matadero and see if we can make the sense of generative early afternoon. We started scribing key words from the pos its. We conclude on three topics — events, El Ranchito and risks — having gone through hundreds of post its.

CP+ER Events SM.jpgCP+ER ElRanchito SM.jpgCP+ER Risks SM.jpg
Scribed after brainstorming sessions: events, El Ranchito and Risks.

We leave Matadero tired but energized in knowing that we are getting closer step by step to having a better understanding what El Ranchito is, what it aspires towards, what is happening between April and September and where is our (CP) position in this activation?

Neil leaves for his bus at the roundabout and we continue to the shop and back to the flat where Scott cooks a meal and I (Metod) type the night away.

So far so great...

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