Madrid Research Day 5

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Day 5: 12 Jan - Critical Practice Internal Day


We all met at Bolivar 24 at 11am and reviewed a draft of the Parade legacy publication--It's nearly done. Inspired by the publication's imminent printing, we enthusiastically discussed possible proposals for El Ranchit/the Matadero (spring - fall, 2011). We decided to develop our ideas further over the research trip - more on this...COMING SOON!


In the afternoon we headed to Intermediea at the Matadero, where Neil introduced us to the group's archival process and self-organization. He's been working with Intermediae for some time now, which may help to explain why the group shares so many affinities with CP. These include an interest in emergent and organic forms of self-governance; a commitment to documenting and producing publicly available resources; and a fascination with creating hybrid spaces where various modes of assembly and forms of address coexist. Intermediea is especially inspirational with regards to the latter: witness the ping pong table, free wifi, light refreshments (tea), free computers (with tech support!), fantastic furniture...It's a space where lots of different people can interface and chill.

Always generous with his time, input and enthusiasm, Frank from Intermediae explained the group's ethos. It's also outlined on Intermediea's website:

Intermediæ is an institution for Contemporary Creation that is permanently under construction, part of the Arts Area of the Madrid City Council.

The objective of Intermediæ is to investigate and test forms through which definitions are found that project a different model for public institutions in keeping with the context of today. Its work is based on three fundamental ideas: creation as a means of exploration, research and experimentation; process and participation as formulas for development.

Intermediæ has a variety of spaces to suit the activities carried out in them and projects organized as temporary platforms for sharing explorations of common interests and questions.

The Programa de Ayudas a la Creación (Creative Arts Grants Programme) is the main channel open to participation, for the purpose of receiving proposals from individual creators and groups, cultural agents and associations.

Intermediae publishes a notebook titled Borrador (Draft) to explain and update its evolution over time. Borrador #1 and Borrador #2 have already been published and Borrador #3 will soon be available.

That evening, Scott and Marsha headed to the Prado to see paintings by Velasquez, Goya, El Greco and more. A feast for the eyes! Metod revisited the Atlas Exhibition at Reina Sophia and we ended the evening back at our favorite bar. Another brilliant day.

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