Meeting Agenda for 9th May 2014

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DATE Friday 9th May 2014
LOCATION 5:00 - 7:00, Chelsea College of Art and Design E-BLOCK, Millbank

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Evaluation, Consensus and Location Reflections?

To discuss: What worked; what didn't - other thoughts and reflections. Reportback on the publication.

Item 2: Stephen Wright's workshop on usership, 20th June

To discuss: There was the possibility of doing this workshop on one of the boats in Chris Wainwright's flotilla. But would this dilute the focus? Would it perhaps make more sense for us to do run the workshop on dry land? Is there interest in combining this with a book launch and screening related to Stephen's little publication for AND?

Item 3: Evaluation Screenings Season

To discuss: Where are we in Evaluation Screenings process? General reflections on the AIR screening. Amy to report on her and Catherine's work for upcoming ones; Marsha to report on how things are developing with Basia.

Item 4: Futurising the Curriculum: THIS IS HOW WE ROLL and THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY

To discuss: Marsha to intro what the project is about, where it's at and how CP might be involved.

Item 5: Funding

To discuss: Funding the Market of Evaluation...or not..through the Millbank Market.

Item 6: Funding the Practice Garden

To discuss: Funding for The Practice Garden - request for £20.00

Item 6: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Anything not on the agenda

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