Meeting Minutes October 20 2014

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DATE: October 20 2014 m
LOCATION: Research, E block, Chelsea CWW, UAL.

PRESENT: Claire, Neil F, Metod, Aaron and Marsha
APOLOGIES: Eva, Neil C, Karem, Amy and Catherine
Please find the agenda for our next meeting here

Chair: Claire

Minutes: Marsha

ITEM 1: Meeting with ICA

Neil and Marsha had a good first meeting. Please look here here for the minutes.
ACTION: Marsha and Neil to minute the ICA meeting here

ITEM 2: Marsha's CCW bid for money to support the publication

Marsha applied to CCW's staff fund to secure £3000.00 to produce the publication. Because CCW is keen to support Marsh's research profile, she put herself forward as the publication's editor. It's unfortunate this wasn't discussed in advance but in the event the bid is successful, we'll have occasion to think about how the publication's editing and attribution might work so that it acknowledges all those involved. As it currently stands, there is £750.00 for a design fee and while further discussion on this point is required, Metod has already expressed interest in anchoring the publication's design. There is also £300.00 to commission texts. And the rest will go to printing. However, our plan is to apply for additional monies for the publication as part of the ACE bid.
Metod talks about the app/program that he's developing for archiving events. It has three aspects: tweets/photos/connections. It's called Eventbug and is being trialed at the Mozilla festival.
ACTION: Marsha to report back in due course on whether or not the application was successful this time around
ACTION: Metod to set up a page on the CP wiki for the publication working group

ITEM 3: Aaron seeks CP's council on DIY medical practice

Aaron wanted to 'throw the idea into the ring' of the value/challenges/etc. of DIY medical practice. He's thinking about developing a body of work that documents patient activism and its consequences - political/engineering/research/medical. It's a huge subject; there are many ways to skin it. We talk about activism related to medical practice - the outcomes are more interesting than the struggle - by outcomes, Aaron means speeding up research, recruitment and funding. Patient-led approaches - democratising the process - interesting to think about it being open-sourced. We talk about the possibility of producing a very earnest DIY medical manual - lots of great diagrams. Based on her experience of the American medical system, Claire reflects there are some things doctors won't do because their insurance won't cover it. Aaron explains that as a result, patients are asking friends and family for help. When it comes to realising a body of work, Aaron is thinking about commissioning a range of forms - audio in particular. Metod talks about NPR's TED Radio Hour as well as This American Life. We discuss value of hearing patient's testimonials in their own voices. We also talk about scribing - drawings - and infographics too. Health hacks that are then transformed into a medical system.

Item 4: Currency in the Market - proposal by Neil F

We're excited by the prospect of having a currency in the market. Should it be the only one in circulation or should it operate in parallel with cash? Neil's proposal is engaging and extensive and makes us think about the value of play and simulation - as well as people being assigned value based on status. Marsha mention's John Rawl's veil of ignorance as an interesting thought experiment that could info this project. Could this be an opportunity to get students involved? Could people also play by earning currency by working in/for the market? What about making currency through tweeting? We all like the idea of a social experiment. Is this utopoly/monopoly on crack? We all get really excited but need to think about this more...
ACTION: Neil F to send the proposal around via email or post it on the wiki.
ACTION: Neil C to send Neil F a wiki password.

Item 5: Curating the Market

How are we going to curate all the stalls across the markets? Marsha suggests that one approach may be for each of us to take charge of inviting/working with several stall holders. This being the case, could we develop a master checklist that we can all use to ensure consistency across expectations, etc.? We decided it's a good idea to develop a kind of curatorial pack.
We've got lots of values we like in the market. What about the 'baddies' - TFL - they have a huge infrastructure. There's also Nigel Carrington's office. It would be good to have someone on site to discuss the UAL's position of uncapping fees.
ACTION: Marsha to get in touch with MA student (interested in food) as per Aaron's recommendation.
ACTION: Claire shares that Marenka from Cape Farewell is keen to be involved - an environmentally friendly chef. Claire to add this information to the the list of potential stall holders.
ACTION: Marsha to ask Wendy for a digital copy of the Graduate Schools planning form for non-peer reviewed conferences.
ACTION: Can we all spend some time on the page where we're aggregating potential stall holders and clean this up a bit? Find this list here.
ACTION: Can we set up a page to develop the curatorial pack?

Item 5: ACE Bid

We're making it and hoping to have it wrapped in early November. ACE bid for the Market
ACTION: Marsha to write to Andreas about looking at his bid.

Item 6: Any Other Business (AOB)

The Utopographies Publication. How many copies will we have after doing distributing to everyone involved? Maybe 50! That's not a lot. What about the idea of editioning these? We'd talked about selling editions. This could be our chance
What do we want to call the Market?
ACTION: Marsha to set up a section on this page where we begin aggregating alternative names for the Market. (Currently top right-hand column.)

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