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CP Meeting 9-1-11 SM Meeting.jpg

DATE: Sunday, 9. January 2011
LOCATION: Cafeteria Dominguez somewhere near Reina Sofia, Mardid
DURATION: 10.30am - 5.30pm
IN ATTENDANCE: Scott, Metod, Marsha

Chair: Marsha
Minute Taker: Metod and Marsha
Additional notes: Marsha and Scott

Item 1:

Madrid Week Schedule:

  • Is Pecha Kucha still relevant without El Ranchito?
  • Do we want to do the Barcamp even if it is just CP? If so what does it mean?

Before we started the conversation on the schedule there were a few points razed (10.30am):

  • Should we start/set up a time line of the intended project (has no title yet)?

We all agreed that that would be important not only because the group is bigger (Critical Practice + El Ranchito). We hope that after this coming week of activities we will be able to establish a probable timeline.

  • Should we establish an accountability roles?

We agreed that this would be easier for navigation among those actively involved.

  • What is the focus and form of the El Ranchito + what are they envisioning as an event?

We thought this is an important question to ask at the first day while doing a walk.

Conversation starts in Cafeteria at 11am: What is happening in the week and what isn't? How flexible we want/need to be?
Scott fells fairly relaxed at present, but throug time he wants a plan and perhaps aims and objectives for the event we are doing with ER. There may already be a plan. If so do we adapt or contest?
We all feel that shared understanding of the project is important; that we know what we are doing; have shared position.
Shared position can be contribution in constituency.
We need to find what we have in common, what are the aspirations.
El Ranchito may not yet know precisely what and how their organisation functions. We expect no concrete answeres about projected event CP+ER are doing.

If items do not happen in the schedule do we still do them?
Marsha: "I would do only one!" Can we change our time?
Scott: "Do they want to prepare? Can they prepare?"
The decision for Barcamp or Pecha Kucha is either or!
Metod: "I think Barcamp would be more appropriate." It may be more discursive as it is the crucial point at this stage.
Cooperation / collaboration
Marsha contests Scott who says cooperation equal and it works equally. Marsha puts the Wiki (the Parade Cover discussion) as a good cooperation practice where email is flawed. There is a better way and there is bad way...
In terms of the event CP+ER is working towards all communication is on the wiki — is that too utopian?

Item 2:

Reareading CP Aims; discussiong them; mandining them; or even rewrite them.

Aims and objectives operate internally as a social contract among members. Explicitly they describe our methods in practice. Additionally they are basis for working with other parties and funding.

Read newly rewritten Aims.

  • Aim 1:

Scott: Our language should be understandable.
Aim 1 represents something else than competitive market. It critiques the competitive market. It imagines benefiting everyone.
Problem is it offers no hope.

Our conversation sidetracks to capitalism and how money is earned.
We wrestled with distribution of power in CP. What is happening off the page / off the record? Is there corruption? Is this a mad thought? Scott (later in the evening) finds where corruption (may) occur within the CP and it is within the knowledge how to use the Wiki...
Problem for Marsha is the accumulation of wealth and exploitation of surplus value (in capitalism not CP!!).

Read newly rewritten Aims.

  • Aim 2:

We understand our practice as contextualized. his is our criticism.
Can we function if we are not funded? It remains to be sen.
Scott: We cannot implicitly.
Resources / Interpersonal relations.
It is all about relations.
How do we constitute CP in terms of relations?
Fields of relations; what are they? 3 key fields: 1.) resource management, 2.) interdependence 3.) ??
Resource, power dynamics, political dynamics.
Aims and objectives are social contracts amongst members.
Our personal interpretations of the Aims to the other can be poetic, but is problematic if the aim is poetically written.
Aims and objectives are condition of funding. We acknowledged an internal and external reasons for aims and objectives.
Aims and objectives are describing how CP is suppose to operate.

Read newly rewritten Aims.

  • Aim 3:

Group theory
Are we a group or a cluster, or are we a community?
What CP is should be changed. Currently we aspire...
Scott: "Community is a little weak term."
Metod and Marsha say YES to cultural producers.
Metod: "How about a Think-tank??" Marsha: Think-tank??? Too much emphasis on thinking. Although Metod contests an idea of multiple descriptions, as interchangeable terms, where CP could be identified as a think-tank and later as cultural production organisation.
Marsha describes culture as a whole...

ADITIONAL AIM We feel this is the first aim!! We begin with this aim.
To practice / praxis as a process to think, to create, to act, to produce, to exchange, and to archive. (Note this proposed Aim has been merged with existing Aim 3)
Practice / praxis
Reflective / reflexive (include in the new aim)
Praxis — combination of theory and practice. (Holism)
Metod:"Do we do theory, really??" Marsha: We do theory but theory in use as oppose to espoused theory.

We wonder if it is appropriate to start a page of aspirations?? Just like pages of aims and objectives.
Aim 3 is who we are and what it means.

Read newly rewritten Aims.

  • Aim 4:

Metod and Scott struggle to understand the "poetry"of this aim...
Marsha describes: "It is the relationship of what we put in and what we get out."
It is reflecting in quality.

To value our personal resources including time and energy and our research so as to yield value in relation to effort.
This the first draft of Aim 4 rewritten...

To maximize the yield of our research in relation resulting from out our time and energy and other resources.
Proposes Scott drafting further...

Marsha: "It is the relationship of input and output.
To respect the relations within.

To use resources including time and energy to yield valuable research in relation to effort.
Marsha and Scott

Scott: "We need to rewrite the description on the Wiki."
Marsha already written it and will publish it on the Wiki.

Read newly rewritten Aims.

  • Aim 5:

It is OK... (!?!)
We will share research with the public — we will disseminate research publicly.

To publicly disseminate our research. (New Aim 5)

Read newly rewritten Aims.

  • Aim 6:

It used to be a point, but it is not a legitimate CP aim anymore!
We voted it out!

We should test new Aims with El Ranchito while in Madrid in January 2011.

Read newly rewritten Aims.

Item 3:

New Member's Manual
Metod is making a hard copy. Dated (with a date not as in expired) with a link to latest copy > see Wiki...

  • Integration clause

Membership to CP is a combination of contributions to the meetings, idea generation, and production of projects. however it is neccessary to contribute on day-to-day basis.
Initial participation involves active involvement in the practice of CP such as preparing for the meetings and contribute to the Wiki for two (2) months.
Direct project involvement depends / involves on day-to-day contribution.

  • Membership (to begin with)
  • Working group members (when actively involved)

Only active members can be working groups members. Working groups are comprised of active members.
Active members are active by virtue of attending meetings, following and contributing to the meetings, and assuming other responsibilities.
List of meeting attendance:

  • Agenda point to meetings
  • Chair and minute taking
  • Prepare for meetings

...(Marsha there was more here)...
Membership is accountable for their contributions. Active membership is accountable.

Time / Experience Input / Resource distribution
New Members Member
Working Group Members Active Member

Two kinds of relationship.

When you commit to working group membersyou are there for the project!!
To reactivate working groups!!!
Coordinator shift.
Member shift.
A minimum of two months but can be more to "activate" active membership.

  • Per diem / fees

Per diem includes every day, including the days of travel.
For Fees we need to revisit open organisation guidelines.

CP PerDiemBudget Madrid Jan2011 SM.jpg
Already divided Per diem (€750 combined) for January trip to Madrid. All CP members together spend 37 days in Madrid. Each CP member gets €20.27/day for every day spent in Madrid including travel days.

Action point: Send Neil flight receipts.

Item 4:

New membership issues
A member has to be present at least 50% of the time when abroad. In cases under 50% we question appropriate use of resources. This is the commitment issue. If one cannot commit for whatever reason engagement is negotiated.
We must not create rules that will disable as oppose to enable!!
A member needs to be a part of the working group (therefore an active member). We recognise this as a relationship which involves sacrifice; trust is imperative.
Shared value extraction internally and externally.

Item 5:

Any other business?
Madrid schedule for the week
Scott and Metod talk about the walk and briefly describe the intention.
Thoughts on the walk are on the wiki. Refer to Notes for a Walk in Madrid.

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