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There proposal was insufficiently received and hence not carried forward.

Working Group Leader: TBC
Working Group: Marsha


This event organised by Stephen Wilson will take place on 2-3 May 2014, at Chelsea College of Art and Design (UAL) & the Institute of Modern Languages Research.

Keynote addresses: Sir Christopher Frayling, Dr. Malcolm Quinn and Prof. Alberto Abruzzese (Marsha's wondering why Neil isn't presenting? Hmmm...) (Neil wonders why there are no women in the keynote list)

We welcome submissions on all areas related to suggested topics that include:

  • future memory – postmemory, prosthetic memory and the storage of memory in the age of the social media;
  • utopian and dystopian visions, myths of the future and revolutionary movements;
  • future construction and reappropriation of the imaginary - myth, symbol, archetype, legend, fantasy, science-fiction and their contribution to imagining the future;
  • future commodities, biopolitics, neo-liberalism and the turn of art, fashion and design in late capitalism;
  • science, engineering and materials at the interface of fantasy and technology;
  • the future of mechanization - toy-making, robotics, cyborgs, automata, androids and clones;
  • cyberpunk, steampunk and its derivatives (dieselpunk, biopunk and decopunk);
  • time and space models - parallel universes, upward mobility and future ecologies;
  • human/non-human – gene ethics, post-humanism, trans-humanism and the ethics of the interface human/gene machine;

In addition to traditional academic paper presentations, we encourage submissions using alternate forms, such as photographic works, art and design objects or multimedia presentations. Send a 250-word paper abstract to with a mini-bio by Dec 1st. 2013.


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