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Parade Minutes 02 02 10

DATE Tuesday February 2, 2010
LOCATION E-Block, 5:00pm till 7pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

THOSE PRESENT: Method, Ewelina, Ken, Cinzia, Marsha and Neil

Ummmmm, we started with Item 4 because that seemed more logical
Item 4: Recap on meeting with Joanna and Michow, about the emergent structure:

We talk about the day spent with Ola and Michow. Their interest in emergent structures like slime mold.
How the structure and its construction should be cheap, pragmatic and simple.
We will have an outline of how they proceed by February 15th, and we suggest also producing a timline or schedule.
Ken will liase between Ola and Chelsea (although he does not want to get stuck in the role of facilitator, or institutional police - we agree to be sensitive and monitor the situation)
The TED research group have donated possible material for the roof structure or space divider. (Ola did not manage to pick some up so we will send some/)
Ola and Michow are aware of the budget, and there was a feeling of a real sympathy between their concerns and our interests.

Also, do we want to meet with Joanna Rajkowska when she's here?

We did not discuss this point?

Item 1: Involving Joanna Warsza

We discussed, whether we should commission Joanna to curate a section of the market, but decided that because we had not raised additional funding, we would not be able to.
We would however still like her to be involved and to host one of the market stalls in the Market of Ideas.

Marsha left the meeting

Item 2; Budget considerations + organization

To discuss: Ewelina, coordination and the UAL:
We will rely on Ewelina to coordinate the Polish funding and our Budget, Ewelina is happy to do this and it will be 'covered' through her existing contract. If this changes we will need to monitor the situation

Paying CP membrs for lots of work as 'coordinators'
Marsha is prepared to do a lot of the tough coordination of Parade, we agree that she should be paid for this.
What we decide is to start a list of Parade tasks so we can see what needs doing. When we can see what Marsha will do (some not all of the tasks!) we can also decide what kind of fee is appropriate, from our budget. Who might be responsible for what?
This is connected to the discussion above, and will be resolved by completing the Parade tasks and each of us accepting responsibility for certain tasks.
Polish Budget draft
We discuss the rought budget which Ewelina will prepare with Kuba and manage. We are all in agreement with it. Keeping the college facilities open on Saturday (out of hours) and Sunday will cost an extra £300

We will aim for abot 30 stalls in the Market of Ideas.
Marsha will speak to Chris regarding the borrowing of projectors and other equipment
Ken has booked the Triangle Space, to work with his students on construcing things 8th - 12th March.
We agree a budget of £500 (match funding) so that he could buy materials and construct (waterproof) structures for housing projectors, speakers, etc.Might think about seating too.

Item 3; Reviewing the Invitation Letter - Confirmations to date

To discuss: Any issues with the letter and: How many confirmations do we have to date? Everyone seems happy with the letter, no one has sent in yet. We agree to start sending

Ewelina left the meeting

Item 5: Practical things

To discuss: Chairs, food, toilets, um

We should all start to think about 'chairs' and how to supply materials to assemble the market stalls - door blanks?
Ken suggests MA students run the food stalls. This will enable them to raise money for their degree shows. We like this idea. Metod will design a -save this date for your diary - e flyer, to announce our intention. We will start an e_flyer page for information and logos. We also talk of a foldable poster for the event itself.

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)


Next meeting Monday 22nd February 5pm - Research Office

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