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March 05 March 2013 E Block Chelsea
LOCATION E-Block 5:00pm till 7:00, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

Present Marsha Bradfield, Kuba Szreder, Scott Schwager, Neil Cummings, Darrel Stadlen, David Cross
Appoint chair Marsha

Appoint Minute Taker : Neil

Item 1: Post-doc

To discuss: the post, including timeline

Marsha has been appointed and now needs to complete the visa application, before being able to take-up the post. Marsha explains a bit the post. Neil explains a bit about the University management team to monitor the post, to make sure the job description is being met.

We have a brief discussion of various funding streams and ways of inventing new ones. David is working on looking at leveraging the Universities finances, as a possible funding stream......

We discuss ethical banking, making the Universities accounts more accountable and ethical. We wonder whether David's project on ethics, money, and the Universities accounts mesh with our Research on Value. We wander off topic

We loop back, and Kuba reminds us of the idea of the timeline for the post-doc . We could try and map resources that we have. Marsha is back in May. We can do more planning then.

We jump forward to item; 3 wander about a bit, and then back again.

ACTION: Marsha to post proposal about reflexive funding in May.
ACTION: David will draft a proposal on banking/financial reform

Item 2; Contacts

To discuss: Folke, Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Gracie, Amy, Mirko

These two groups are visiting during April and some other people. Do we want to try and do something with them, when they are here?
Bureau of Melodramatic Research, feminist, post workerist, and sensitive to issues of labour.

Folke upcycles stuff. Can we map this onto our hacking, and have a workshop?

ACTION: Neil to pitch about a CCW Research masterclass for Folke. Open for New people, in April Kuba will contact Folke about a workshop
ACTION: 15 -17 April a pot-luck type thing with Bureau of Melodramatic Research.

Item 3; VALUE Research - where are we at in our two-year plan

To discuss: Research on Value - where is it going next?

Kuba: We should start to map the resources that we have available to an in CP, explains a Precarious Workers Brigade practice of mapping. Reflexive institutional critique. No. Critique no. We don't like critique. We like better, Conditions of Possibility.

The research could reveal something of the accountibility, or not, of the University. But not just the University, our own condition of possibility. Value is the theme, economies and ecologies - friendships, labour, etc - these should be mapped as values in, or elements of, sustainibility. The Universities finances are just one strand of the research.

We have general ideas/themes of value, and maybe then, more specific instances, specifically related to Critical Practice. The Value of Play, is a possible theme.

We loop back, to reflect on the Waste walks with Angus and Rosie. We should also dicuss and evaluate the walk as a form. We discuss the New Economics Foundation's tools - Happiness index for example - and whether these could be useful for our evaluation. Values, evaluation, motivation, satisfaction, targets, intrinsic, extrinsic....
Systems of evaluation is a better way of thinking, than Values. Verbs better than nouns.

Yes, we want to do another walk.

ACTION: We discuss ValueCampII and maybe this is the debrief. No. Date, Date, Date, Date, Date, We change the title to Evaluation Marathon, ValueCampII/NOT a Barcamp, its not a barcamp. Date, Date, Date. June, maybe June.
ACTION: Darrel and Marsha will work on an evaluation structure for the walks. Skype meet in 3rd week of March
ACTION: Marsha will make a wiki page to structure and develop Evaluation Marathon,ValueCampII/NOT a Barcamp. Late May early June

Item 4: TITLE

To discuss: Any other Business

No, because the football is about to begin.

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