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DATE Tuesday 8th May 2012
LOCATION Room E307, 5.00pm till 6.00pm, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Millbank

APOLOGIES: Marsha, Kuba, Karem, Scott, Metod


We discussed the logistics for the talks. How would the day work if the discussions were 2 hours long? If the day started at 11am with the first walk, then a break, then the second walk, another break and finishing with the final walk, the day would wind up at about 6pm. We felt that this was too long and we would run the risk of the final walk not having many participants.

So we proposed the following:

11am - Broker one (Owen) begins his walk/talk
12.30pm - 1pm - Break
1.00pm - Broker two (Jack) begins his walk/talk
2.30pm - 3.30pm - Break
3.30pm - Broker three (St Paul's rep) begins his walk/talk
5.00pm - Event finishes

This timetable leaves a little bit of flexibility as the breaks could be shorter or longer.

We proposed to offer a small fee of £100. We agreed that this isn't much but it is a gesture and would cover the expenses of the Brokers.

Once we have finalised the Brokers, and they have given us their proposed route, we could negotiate tweaks in the routes to ensure that one walk flows into the next. For instance, we end up at a cafe with Broker One then Broker Two picks us up from the cafe to begin their walk and so on.

We envisage the event to be intimate. Neil suggested that in his experience large walking groups don't work so well as it is difficult to hear the speaker and the group gets split up. We think that 12-15 participants would be a good number. This way the discussions will be intimate and more in depth.

Time Line
19th May - Themes for the Brokers are finalised and ready to give to the Brokers once they confirm
19th May - Finalise all Brokers for the event
2nd June - Brokers to give CP their chosen route. CP to propose tweaks as necessary
End of May onwards - CP to advertise and invite participants

Neil - to check project description
Sharon - to contact CP members with details of tonight's discussion

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