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DATE Friday 11th January 2013
LOCATION 6.00pm Neil's Flat

Appoint chair Kuba

Appoint Minute Taker Neil

Present Dr Bradfield, Karem, Sharon, Neil, Kuba

Item 1: Spaces and Value; Waste

To discuss: Are we going ahead with Spaces and Value 2, and with the idea of waste? And at end of January?

We discuss when to do the Brokers walk/tour. We decide the 16th/17th, 23rd/24th of February.
Kuba is trying to remember clandestine tours, urban ruins, wasteland, sewers.
Should we pursue Rosie Oliver, founder of Dotmaker Tours? YES
Why waste, how does this fit with value? Yes via Bataille, the sun and a | General Economy

ACTION Karem to contact via Kuba the urban geographer (?).

ACTION Marsha to contact Rosie, David Cross and Creative Transission.
ACTION We aggregate an list of possible waste brokers cut off Tuesday 15th January 9.35am. Marsha will initiate an enthusiasm index
ACTION We aggregate a waste introduction text. Cut off Friday 18th January 6.00pm
ACTION Marsha and Sharon to coordinate.

We will aim to curate the constituency of the walks, meaning they are not public, more invited peers and the interested

Item 2; The CCW/CP Research Fellow

To discuss: Where we are in the Research Fellow Process

The University has decided not to appoint, and to re-run the process with a broader remit. We have to wait to see what happens after they rerun the process. Marsha expresses her anger and frustration at what has happened, but will however re-apply.

Item 3: Systems and processes, working practices refresher

To discuss: should we review our systems and processes, and our working practices. What about the wiki tutorials?

Everyone is interested in the wiki tutorials. What about an open house for CP to introduce new members. We would like a new members day too. An Open Day. We use the walks to introduce new members.

Maybe theses are two distinct things. They are, so

ACTION Day for procedures and protocols afternoon session last week in Janaury 28th - 1st, from 1pm onwards
ACTION Day for, New Members Open Day. tbc

Marsha remembers Janet

Item 4; Documentation equipment

To discuss: What should we buy for £1500?

Suggest documentary recording equipment to buy for £1500
Cut of for suggestions Friday 18th January 6.00pm

ACTION Neil to action the purchase after Friday cut off

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: Texts, various texts, collective texts. Deadlines

Artleaks: Marsha and Kuba wrote a text about Critical Practices experience of trying to work with the Berlin Biennial.

Are we interested to try and write a collaborative text. NO
Karem might try and write something.
Proposal to share research of members of CP. We discuss Pech Kucha. Reading Groups. A barcamp. And a Show and Tell
We discuss and decide to focus via our Research on Value
New members arrive and we decide to explore the form and reason for the research exchange later, maybe at the procedures and protocols workshop, and now its time to celebrate!!!!!!

We are done

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