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DATE July 18, 2012
LOCATION Mezzanine floor Royal Festival Hall at 6:30

Present Metod, Karem, Marsha and Neil

Appoint chair Marsha

Appoint Note Taker Neil

Item 1: Review and check Actions from previous minutes

To discuss: Check actions from previous minutes

Neil to email Ben regarding his availability in September. DONE, awaiting dates from Ben
Neil to write to Kerstin to ask what our space is like and what infrastructure is already in place that we can use, and organise flights/honorariums: DONE', in progress
BROKERS: Marsha has already contacted Jack. Kuba contacted Owen. Sharon to contact Mark at St Paul's. Neil to contact Blanca to confirm the 8th. Sharon to also amend the dates and tidy up the wiki pages.'DONE (mostly)

Sharon will upload a video she has edited together to Vimeo, and put some pictures on the wiki.UN-DONE

Actions done mostly, Sharon still has a few things to do.......

Item 2: Where are we with the "The Brokers: People, Spaces and Values"

To discuss: We have two Brokers confirmed for the 8th September, do we go with these or still try and find another Broker? What about developing the Themes for Brokers?

Marsha is keen to press for a third person and would like to aproach Warrick Hawkins, and we will press Sharon to press St Pauls one last time, maybe a lay-person guide? We decide to contact Warrick first and take it from there.

No one has amended or added any themes for the Brokers to address.
We decide to aggregate the themes now,........................................... but then decide to address them at the end of the meeting.

Item 3: Where are we with the Graz, The Exchange - The Truth is Concrete?

To discuss: Update from Working Group coordinator

We seem to be on track. Honorariums, travel and accommodation is all being organised. We are waiting to hear about the room for the Exchange and furniture, Neil to submit Critical Practice CV tomorrow (Thursday)

Item 4: Report about Industrial-Dortmund

To discuss: Metod to feedback and coordinate Industrial-Dortmund

Metod reports from Documanta, its big, and then went on to Dortmund.... Working, brainstorming session in the post-industrial, or de-industrialising Ruhr area. Talks about collieries closed, whole factories dismantled by Chinese labour and shiped to China, etc.

There is a plan for a five stranded 'festival': two exhibitions, a conference, CP's Market, and a few artist commissions

Critical Practice needs to produce a letter of participation from CP. We also need to try and get a letter from Chelsea, offering support and perhaps hosting a part of the project. We will await templates of the letters, and we need to move fast.

Are we being asked to raise the money for our Market of Values, or try and support part of the whole? Too early to tell, at the moment we need to confirm support. We get excited about the proposed site for the Market, a kind of pedestrianised thoroughfare, and the context. We talk of finding post-industrial materials and upcycle them for the market architecture. We discuss repurposing the Berlin proposal.

We all commit, and recognise that Brokers, and Graz connect to this longer term, emerging project in Dortmund. We decide, as well as refreshing our wiki practices in September, to refresh our organisational practices that enable us to be efficient.

Marsha talks about recognising Value, as being present in everything we do, and how we do it. We slip into a discussion of a culture of audit, as an index of value. What to purpose the market to do........what themes, or issue, do we want to address. Industrial.......finance.......culture? Research trips, or a road trip to Ruhr, Dortmund are discussed. General feeling that the project could link many of the emerging interests within CP, and also connect to older projects: Parade, ValueCamp, etc

Item 5: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: AOB


We spend 20 minutes brainstorming the themes for the Brokers, and settle on these

1. How is value socially or contextually produced in your theme.

2. How are values generated and expressed in the locations we visit.

3. Why is this area supa-saturated with value and power.

4. Is all value collectively produced.

5. What are the indexes of value in your theme.

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