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DATE 3.00pm Monday 29th September 2008

LOCATION Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road London.

near the back (as you enter from the river) on the left on the ground floor where there Is an open network

Appoint chair Marsha Bradfield

Appoint Minute Taker Neil

Intoduce ourselves and swap summer stories......

Neil walked as a pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela
Robin won the young Swiss artists prize
Cinzia picked and ate mushrooms
Marsha did lots of apartment renovations
Tim arrives a bit later

Item 1: Ecoes

To discuss: 1. Project participant(s) to briefly report back on Ecoes conference presentation. Marsha and Cinzia reported back on the conference presentation on Actor Network Theory, Bruno Latour was present. The collaboratively edited film and points of conflict, it was a dissasembled assembly.The presentation went well but the DVD was criticized (fairly/unfairly) by Latour . The aesthetics of consideration is something Echoes would like to work on. The discussion at the forum, focused on collaboration, and networks of association - which was productive, lively and critical There is a text evolving for publication here
Action: Echoes will donate a DVD to the Critical Practice Archive, and Chelsea Library. They are also writing a text for publication

Item 2; Polish Season UK

To discuss: Kuba to introduce his project on East/ West notions of public sphere/space). Kuba cannot make the meeting so Neil fills in. Kuba is proposing to explore public space and the difference experiences and traditions between former east and west. Its under the remit of the European year of Poland - for 2009. Cinzia makes the point that it would be good to reconfigure the idea to fit with existing Big Ideas
Action: Re-asses in light of the Big Ideas, and ask Kuba to present to us in October when he visits

Item 3; [Big Ideas]

To discuss: How and which Big Ideas do we take forward.

Market of Organization
Cinzia proposes a market of organization to include the public space proposal. In fact its a market of public space.
We need to find resources, and build the infrastructure.
How can we make the project on sustainability, sustainable. Can we apply for resources from Greenpeace, Esso, etc,
How can we sustain ourselves, clearly generosity is (longterm) unsustainable
Generosity could be tax deductable?
Tim is concerned that all, or many of the ideas mimic capitalism, or can be optimized by capital. He is keen on the 24hr retreat

Oh my goodness, we should do the elevator pitch, as a portrait of CP
Action: Market of Organization Neil and Cinzia to co-ordinate.
And Neil to write to Kuba with the response.
Neil to set up a meeting to take sustainability forward and to start a page.
Saturday 6th as possible date for portrait of CP

Item 4: Publication mailing

To discuss: when and who will mail Issue2 of our annual publication (who has the mailing list?) We meet at 2pm on the 7th October in the office at chelsea, to fold, stuff and mail
Action: We meet at 2pm on the 7th October in the office at Chelsea, to fold, stuff and mail

Item 5: Gaswork workshop (AOB)

To discuss: brief update (Michaela?)

See Collaborative Practices in the Context of Art Education

No minutes?

Item 6: Contribution to Node-L reader (AOB)

To discuss: Signing off the text for publication

See Contribution to the Node-London Reader

Action: We sign off the text, its good.

Item 7: Any Other Business (AOB)

To discuss: There was none, and we disbanded

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