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PublicBody Agenda

DATE Monday 5th October 2009, 11 am
LOCATION at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank London

Present: Ken, Cinzia, Neil and Marsha

Chair: Neil

Minute Taker: Cinzia

We start with Item 3:

Item 3; Parade Summary

To discuss: Let's sketch the image/plans we have in mind now for a downsized Parade. Ken will join us too to talk about re-thinking the structure(s) and involving his students

We catch up with where we are, a downsized structure and a barcamp, with market of ideas, and other presentation formats - like soapboxes, chairs, megaphones.
We move the accent from different modes of assembly to different forms of address.
We might still consider a traditional form of 'conference', but perhaps on a more intimate scale.
Ken has refined the drawings of the DIY possible Parade structures and roughly calculated costs possible Parade structure. He is suggesting to use easy-to handle materials (polythene sheets, 4x2 instead of cardboard tubes), which might also be re-used - although Chelsea is poor in storage space. Missing from the quote are van hire and contingencies.
He has also been talking to James Leary (?), who runs a relevant Chelsea BA, and he is keen to involve his students too.
Neil suggests we might still hire a few large umbrellas to complement our structure as spaces for others to operate.
We think there is a longer discussion about how this activity will feedback into CP ... for another time. We discuss linking with the Graduate School Festival and the permeability of Chelsea research clusters.
We confirm that we will hold an open event on the 22-23 May, allowing a week before to experiment with the set-up and a week after for students and others to use the structure and for take-down. We will reconsider with Kuba our links with AMI.

We all feel regenerated by this visible and tangible contribution!


  • Neil will copy, scan, post the drawings on the wiki and approach the new Graduate School, as well as look into applying for ACE funding.
  • Ken will formalise the quote and e-mail it to the working group
  • Ken will propose the structure as a student project when the new MA starts next week.
  • Marsha has already contacted Ewelina at TRAIN and info about talks has been circulated

Item 1: The Public Body as a theme for our second Public Body barcamp

To discuss: Thoughts on previous publicamp - how we might build on this experience.
Also, any thoughts on who wants to do what in terms of faciliation?
Draft list of practical concerns to send to Kuba. And any ideas about who is presenting on what issues?
Does Kuba have a location established? yes its a famous cafe
Marsha wants to know if there will be any AV support and/or power for, a digital presentation.........................or if we're going old school/low tech.

We discuss the various meanings of 'Public Body' and try to be sensitive to language barriers.


  • We will finalise a short text for Kuba as invitation to the Public Body barcamp by 9pm on Wednesday 7th October
  • Cinzia will ask Kuba for feedback from the BarCamp they have already held as part of WUW.
  • Cinzia will liaise with Ben and suggest a recorded/long distance/written contribution to the Public Body barcamp.

Item 2: Social Relations and Self Organization

To discuss: social relations and self organization in relation to CP and in anticipation of Poland. Hopefully we'll have more news from Kuba about if/when we're presenting on this in Warsaw.

We are thinking about a multivoice presentation, in the style of the Brechtian/pecha kucha Introduction at Disclosures, but without the pecha kucha tight format. Neil will talk about the origins of CP, whilst Marsha and Cinzia will intervene, disagree and voice the present developments. Marsha notes that in public we usually suppress differences of positions - we will make a conscious effort not to do this.
We think that this session will take place on Friday evening when we first arrive, and that Michaela will probably arrive later. We will revise our plans if we get different info from Kuba.


  • Neil will start a page for the CP presentation Kuba has suggested

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