Minutes for 20th February

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DATE February 20th 2015

THOSE PRESENT: Claire, Neil, Neil, Amy, Marsha and Karem

Appoint Chair: Claire
Appoint Minute Taker: Marsha

Item 1: Review the Curatorial Market Pack

To discuss: The aim of the pack is to standardize how we're representing the market to those we aim to invited and others. Are we happy with how it's shaping up?
ACTIONS: Neil to produce a text over the weekend and post on Monday by 5pm. We all need to sign it off by Friday, 27th February .
ACTIONS: Amy and Marsha to draft the an 'open call'/email which will elaborate the various documents/aspects that need to be considered. (still in progress...)

Item 2: Talk in further detail about the Market Publication

Neil and Metod had posted a few questions on the Market Publication's site.
ACTIONS: Marsha applied for and received £3K from the staff fund for the publication. However, this is dependent on a working with an 'academic publisher'. This is something that Marsha will try and renegotiated with Malcolm. (Marsha has a meeting scheduled for April as Malcolm is going on annual leave.)
ACTIONS: We need to check with Metod if he's happy to work with the visual 'look n feel' of publicity info--even if we don't know what's happening with the market? Also, we need to be frank with Metod that we don't know how much money we'll have--if any... It was suggested that if agreeable, Metod produces some kind of visual identity--or identities--for the Market and share options with CP at the next meeting. Please put Visual Research on the wiki by Wednesday 25th at 6:00.
ACTIONS: Marsha will review the TransActing: A Market of Values Publication page by Monday.
ACTIONS: We agree to upload some Visual Research that Metod can play with by Wednesday 25th at 6pm

Item 3: Promotion, Dissemination & "Marketing" of the Market (by Metod – sorry I cannot be with you)

Please see the point above. It may be a bit premature on this point - but we are thinking about it.

Item 4: Review Five Years Invitation for 1 - 17 May

ACTIONS: Marsha to email Sissu and ask if she's interested. Depending on what she says, Marsha will then email Eddy...


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