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JULY 2013
July 3: Post-doc Management Group Meeting
July 5: Critical Practice Picnic
July 8: Critical Practice Picnic Part 2 at Ace&Lion
July 11: Enterprise Awareness Workshop
July 22: Checking in with Neil before the summer break
Oldfield Letter - testing our collaborative hardihood
August 28: Funding Strategies - meeting with Roland Guenther of Deutsche Bank
September 17: Meeting with Grunt Gallery, Vancouver
September 23: Meeting with the Arts Council
September 25: PhD Induction Presentations - introducing CP to a new cohort
September 30: Thames River Boat Trip
September 30: Strategic Plan
October 2: Chat Notes
October 8: Phone meeting with Mel from Platform - NESTA bid
October 14: Some of us visit The Future is Here exhibition
October 15: We begin looking at the AHRC's Cultural Value Project
October 22: We meet with Hans Abbing to discuss evaluation
November 7: Submission of the AHRC Expression of Interest
November 8: Not knowing...
November 11: Meeting with Enterprise
November 14: The Public Art Forum
December 3: PLATFORM and Marsha decide not to progress the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts
December 4: CP works towards a strategic plan
December 5: New working groups are formed Funding Ourselves * Research * Reflection * Sharing research * Research Documentation
December 5: The Post-doc Management Groupchanges its name to the Post-doc Peer Mentoring Group when we have our second meeting
December 6: We meet with the Enterprise Collective
December 9-10: Supervision Training
January 16: Meeting with Alisdair Aldous to talk funding
January 29: The Research Working Group Our first meeting focused on developing a program of events - we're excited about screenings in particular.
January 30: Object of Measure - throes up questions about how CP is 'thinking' evaluation.
January 31: The Evaluation Reading Group is formed.
January 31: The Reflection Working Group starts to move...
February 1 Looking Back: Re-reading CP's Immense Archive
February 1 I've started keeping some post-doc research notes
February 12 Text 1 in our Reading Group: Sotheby's Contemporary Art Evening
February 14 Funding Application for CCW's Market of Evaluation is submitted
February 17 Supervising Research Degrees - course work submitted
February 20 First Utopography workshop
February 26 Resources for the Marketeering
MARCH 2014
Business Planning
Spring Screenings
March 3 Backhanded Research
March 6 Substrate Pronunciation
March 12 Career Research Info Session with Research Management and Administration
March 14 Meeting with Malcolm to discuss funding for CP's programing - screenings confirmed
and application for Being Human: Festival of the Humanities submitted and Screening
March 16 Ace&Lion Walk and Talk and meeting with AIR
APRIL 2014
MAY 2014
JUNE 2014
June 16 First Creative Practice Cycle Tour: Enterprise and Employability
June 18 Second Creative Practice Cycle Tour: Sustainability and Resilience
June 20 Stephen Wright's master Class on usership
JULY 2014
July 23 Meeting with Andreas Lang
July 28 Archiving Session for Bike Trips
July 31 Cultures of Resilience 1000 statement submission
August 4 Meeting with Kim Trogal
August 5 Followup Skype meeting with Kuba
October 9 Cultures of Resilience
November 1 Final Countdown: The Market of Values
July 28 Archiving Session for Bike Trips
July 31 Cultures of Resilience 1000 statement submission
August 4 Meeting with Kim Trogal
August 5 Followup Skype meeting with Kuba
14 January CLTAD Learning and Teaching Day 2015
20 January CCC Mapping Session * Resilience and Resistance
23 January Full draft of ACE bid completed
February 2015
9 February Assembling Walk * [[|Minutes for 9th February 2015|Our first Market Meeting after the Christmas Break]]
10 February CCC Mapping Session 3
3 March Curatorial Pack Meeting(s)
24 March CoR: Exchange
27 March NAFAE Conference

(E)valuation Research - Timelined

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