Public Works Workshop, 23rd May

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Location: public works' office in the White Building, Hackney Wick
Time: 10am - 3pm - followed by a late lunch of beer and pizza at CRATE afterwards
Confirmed from public works: Andreas and Carlotta
Confirmed from CP:Amy, Claire, Neil, Kuba, Metod and Karem--and Marsha via Skype
Other Collaborators Confirmed: Helene and Li
Maybe: Colin

Some things we've been thinking about...

1. How to make a variety of market-like stalls
2. Explore the potential of using sustainable and recyclable materials - bamboo, skipped things, unwanted things (unclaimed umbrellas) plastic cable ties, fabrics, etc
3. How to 'unify (?)' the heterogeneous and possibly 'shonky' stalls, to make the market something beautiful.
3. The 'economy' of materials during the assembly process, from sourcing, constructing the event and post event. An ethics of material and labour.
4. The 'flow' of the market itself - how people will pass through, congregate, and experience the market.
5. How to make the stalls/market 'scalable' able to expand and contract as stall holders commit, appear and/or change their mind.
6. Thinking of the stalls/materials as resources for future use.
7. Thinking about a mixed economy of materials. 7. How to organise the construction process? Working with volunteers and non-professional builders.
8. How to sort out the logistics: what happens when 9. Signage - activating the facades of the building and the glass fence 10. Noise - the Parade Ground can be very noisy. Is this something we can mitigate for the speakers corner, for example? 11. Shade/rain cover...let's not tempt fate 12. Taking stock of what we have: A lot of cord for starters

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