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Working Group
Cinzia Cremona (coordinator), Neil Cummings, Trevor Giles, Marsha Bradfield, and Michaela Ross

This is issue two of the annual publication of Critical Practice...


1. We will collect all the material for issue 2 by 7 July and format by 14 July; print and distribute it in late September 2008.
2. Issue 2 proposes to be an opportunity for reflection, less magazine like. As well as an opportunity to distribute some of resources we produced through our recent projects.


Developing Content.

Developing Design.

Developing Publication Budget.

the collaborative cover

Reflections on issue 2 and suggestions for issue 3


Issue 2 is now in the designing phase. We are aiming for distribution in September.

Meeting Minutes

11 June meeting notes
10th July Meeting notes 6pm 10th July Royal Festival Hall.
A meeting to discuss editing the content and the look and feel of the publication.
Soon 17 July meeting notes A finalising meeting at Neil's with tea, too many sweets and the Critical Practice hamper for Trevor.

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