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Rough Research questions: (1) How are we thinking about resources? (2) What resources do Chelsea and CCW have at their disposal? (3) Which of Chelsea's and CCW's fallow resources might CP's exploit? (4) Are there aspects of the Chelsea/CCW and the UAL that have not be identified as resources and how might they be resourced? (5) How might CP, CCW and Chelsea better manage their resources? See also - Evaluation - Research Overview

STATUS: I'm reviewing the Graduate School Directory 2012/2013 and tracing connections in CCW's economy of practice.




The creative industries play a vital role in the development of new businesses in the UK. UAL’s Start-Up Scheme opens up ways for you to become an entrepreneur. More than just funding, the scheme helps you shape your creative ideas and build suitable structures with the right support and the funding to launch, grow and scale. We support all arts, media and design students and graduates based in England who want to turn their creative concepts into sustainable product lines, exhibitions, publications, creative services, fashion labels, and more... As part of the Start-Up package you will receive mentoring, advice, low interest finance and many other rewards.


  • Further to the CCW Thames River Boat Trip on September 30, 2013, I've identified Heritage Community Moorings as a potentially exciting resource. Chris Wainwright (Head of College, CCW) is involved in this project; his floating abode, ROCK, is moored here. Chris has encouraged CP to hold cluster meetings in the boat house. There may also be a possibility of using a vessel in their flotilla for river or sea voyage - or we could perhaps join another trip that's already happening.
  • Social Practice Network - tethered to Peckham Space


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