SSW Working Group Meeting Agenda for November 19th, 2012

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DATE November 19, 2012

LOCATION Morpeth Arms

Appoint chair

Appoint Minute Taker

Item 1: Internal/External Orientation of HEDGE - review Nuno's email

To discuss: confirm schedule - Are we happy with Nuno's suggested contribution? Who will do what and when?

Item 2: Toasts instead of barcamp - tweak on Critical Malfunction

To discuss: What do you think about this proposed activity? Marsha and Kuba to brief everyone.

Item 3; Provisions

To discuss: we need to make a shopping list to send to Nuno and Emily - what do we want to eat?

Item 4: Documentation

To discuss: division of labour...

Item 5: Sleeping arrangements

To discuss: confirm that what Marsha's written to Nuno is okay.

Item 6: Train travel

To discuss: Marsha to distribute train tickets. Marsha to invoice Chelsea.

Item 6: Any Other Business (AOB)


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