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Working Group:
Cinzia Cremona, Neil Cummings, Marsha Bradfield

Self-Org: 2011 - 2012 - Self-organization renewed

We are trying to be sensitive to governance.

Governance emerges whenever there is a deliberate organization of interactions between people.

Whenever people form a community, group, research cluster or institution – from a loose collection of friends to a public museum - and deliberately organize their interactions, issues of governance follow.

We are striving to be a 'self instituting' and 'open' organization; and to make all decisions, processes and production, open and public.

self-organization workshops

Current Functional Elements

  1. Warsaw Summit and the Alternativa - coordinated by Metod and Kuba
  2. Ranchito - coordinated by Metod and Neil
  3. Parade Publication - coordinated by Neil
  4. Parade coordinated by Neil and initially Cinzia Cremona and produced by Marsha
  5. Developing research into the sustainability of art, creativity and its institutions. Coordinated by Neil

Working Groups

  1. Self Representation - cordinated by ?
  2. Budget- coordinated by ?
  3. Development - coordinated by ?
  4. Self Organisation - we will all coordinate this (?)
  5. Social Relations- cordinated by ?

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